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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 13th November 2017 Episode Start With CT shows her fake love for Ratan and says blood always attracts blood, Ratan returned home as if he did not go away at all. Ratan touches Bhuvan, Priya and other elders’s feet. They introducer Diya’s sister Isha as Ayush’s wife. Ratan feeds cake to his family and signals Diya to come. Diya standing aside signals no. Bhuvan notices that and taunts Diya cake is so tasty, if she wants to have it. He says he thought he is a dog of this family. Diya says he is not a dog, dogs are loyal. Bhuvan fumes and asks how will she protect Ratan now, she cannot even enter house. Diya says loyalty does not need any boundary and Bhuvan will not understand that. Bhuvan fumes in anger more.

CT takes Ratan to his room and sees guards checking room. CT asks what is happening. Guards say they cannot let Ratan in without checking his room. CT says they spoilt her whole decoration, who ordered them. Ratan says who else, he means Mr. India Diya. Diya over tab guides guards to check whole room carefully. CT angrily leaves. Ratan says there is a big bomb over here and shows Bikaneri bhujia. Diya smiles and asks him to give tab to guard. Guard says they did not find anything. Yash walks in giving her cooking class form and says Aman can tolerate her bitter tea and food, but Ratan and he cannot, he saw her unable to tolerate her own tea, he can prepare tea better than her and prepares it. She asks him to tighten Ratan’s security for his raj tilak. He walks away. She bend and sees transmitter blinking, picks it and thinks enemy is using transmitter now. Yash calls her and informs that culprits they had caught are murdered in jail. Diya says she is coming right now. Priya hears his conversation.

Next morning, Ratan is in washroom when guards open door and walk in. Ratan panics and scolds them. Guards says if he is not seen for 25 minutes, they have order to enter even washroom. Ratan angrily asks them to send Mr. India Diya. Diya and Yash arebusy arranging security for Ratan’s raj tilak. Ratan calls Diya and fumes how can she spy on him and he cannot even go to washroom, what if he eats something heavy and needs more than 25 minutes in washroom. She says she will send him fibrous food after which he will need less time in washroom. He continues fuming. Diya then checks security again and sends away flower pot saying she cannot let anything in which weapons can be hidden. Yash says there is a lot of crowd, is it okay to bring Ratan here for raj tilak.

Bhuvan practices sword fight with guard and defeat him and boasting that though he is namesake Thakur, nobody can win him in sword fight. CT walks in and praises him that nobody can win over him and he should continue his practice. Bhuvan says she did not praise him till now, what is the use, Ratan will become daata hukum who does not know to run even a needle. CT says Ratan is becoming Daata Hukum as he is Maan’s son, but his foreign shoulders will not handle responsibility well, he does not know what is wrong and right. Bhuvan laughs saying he has one chance to turn situation in his favor.

Diya looks at Maan’s photo and picking his sword emotionally says today is Ratan’s raj tilak, he will take Maan’s family responsibility, wherever he is he should bless Ratan always. She touches sword on her forehead with respect.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhuvan asks Ratan that he gave gifts to everyone except him and asks Ratan’s sword. Ratan says he can take. Diya holds sword. Bhuvan asks who is she to stop him. Diya says Pehredar/protector and provokes him to fight with her and win sword. She defeats Bhuvan.

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