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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Priya asks Diya to decide if she wants to be pehredarni or wife and leaves decision on her. Diya says ok and don’t take the gun. Isha says you have thought wife’s relation important than pehradar relation. She gives sweets to Sakshi, Ayush, Bua and others. Diya gets emotional as Isha ignores her. Ratan signs her. Yash congratulates Ratan. Ratan goes to Isha and asks why she ignored her own sister when she gave sweets to everyone.

Ayush says he will feed her sweets. Isha says she don’t deserve to have sweets and asks Ratan, if he don’t get any girl than Diya and says I am warning you. She asks him not to trust her even by mistake as she don’t deserve this. Ayush asks her to stop it. Ratan asks why do you hate her so much. Isha says my younger sister will answer you if she has strength. Ratan thinks to talk to Diya.

Sakshi asks Bua if Diya kicks them out. Bua says what we will do if they sell the house and leave. Bhuvan hears them and is tensed. Yash comes to Diya and asks if she is sure of her decision. Diya says she loves Ratan very much. Yash says I am having doubtful and tells that now the attack will be on her too. He says it is very risky. Diya thinks I wish I could involve you in my plan and assures him that nothing will happen to her. CT looks at the big wall painting of the Maan Thakur and Padma. She thinks her pic should be hanged with Bhuvan. Seeing Sakshi coming there, she hides. Sakshi says Diya and Ratan’s pic will be here now.

Ratan comes to Diya. Diya says she is very happy, but feeling some pain. She gets hiccups. Ratan says wherever someone lies, he/she gets hiccups and now you are lying to me. Diya says she is not lying to him. Ratan says I will apply balm. Diya says no, I will apply by myself. Ratan says it is not essential that you will only help me and says I can help you too. She says please. Ratan says you will not become small if you take my help. He says it is good that babasa didn’t make me marry you else we would have been fighting all life. He asks her to lie down and says he will apply balm.

Sakshi tells Mohak that they will gift pic to Ratan and Diya. She says we shall obey Diya from now onwards. Mohak says your mum CT is a namesake thakurain. Sakshi says yes and asks him to come. Once they goes, CT breaks the photo frame and says Diya is making the way, now I have to find the way to beat her. She says only her pic will be hanged on the wall and calls herself Sushma rani sa. Ratan applies balm on Diya’s head. Maaro balam ji plays. He remembers Isha’s words and thinks she is already stressed, I shall not ask her now. Bhuvan gets gold utensils to room and says if Diya kicks us then this will help us. CT looks at him and recalls how Diya defeated Bhuvan in sword fight.

She recalls Ratan announcing his decision to marry Diya and wishing to transfer all his property on her name, and goes. Bhuvan thinks she is much angry and hides the gold utensils. CT picks an axe. Ratan asks Diya to take rest and sleep. Title Song plays. He makes her sleep. Diya asks if he wants to say something. Ratan says it is not urgent and goes. Yeh rishta likhenge naya plays.CT thinks to kill Diya to get her work done and goes to her room. She sees her blanket covered and hits on the bed with axe, but is shocked to see the pillows. Diya comes to Ratan to talk to him.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Diya takes Ratan to washroom. Meanwhile CT is hiding there and listens to them.

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