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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Ratan Seeks Mohana’s Help To Prove Diya’s Innocence


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 19th March 2018 Episode Start With Diya thinks who can change the glass pieces. Sajjan Singh asks Isha to call and enquire about the case. Isha calls Ratan, but he is not picking the call. Isha calls Yash. Yash picks the call and he tells that the proofs are compromised and it seems they will lose the case. Sajjan Singh gets shocked.

Arpita blames Ratan for compromising with the proofs and asks him to come to court next time with plan to send her off to jail. Ratan is tensed. CT looks on. Later when he comes home, he asks CT to massage his head. CT massages his head and tells that if we lose the case then you don’t know the consequences. Ratan sees injury on CT’s hand and questions him. He asks if she changed the glass pieces which was recovered in surgery and gives his promise.

CT says I had changed those glass pieces as you wanted to win the case and that’s why I went to hospital and changed the glass piece. She says my way was wrong, but my intention was right. Ratan says if Arpita’s lawyer proved this then we will be blamed and Diya will be jailed. CT says if something wrong happens then she will take up all the blame and says I am like your mother and can do anything. Ratan says your son can fail, but not Diya as she is honest and asks her to trust him. Diya hears them.

Mohana and Yash collide on the road. Yash calls her name and says I know Diya asked you to give sometime to me, but I want you to love on in life and marry a nice guy. Mohana says I don’t need any advice from you and says she can’t forget him and will wait for him. Yash tells her that he can’t trust her and tells whatever Arpita did in court. Mohana says I wish I could be your friend, as you value friendship more than love.

Ratan assures Sajjan Singh that everything will be fine and asks Diya when will his reports come. Sajjan singh says he stayed away from his daughter for 12 years, and says she is his strength and weakness too. Ratan promises that Diya will not go away from him. They come out of room. Ratan says tomorrow is final hearing and thinks he has to do something. Photo frame falls down.

Diya and Ratan sit to pick it. Diya says may be it fell down due to weak point. Ratan says we can attack Arpita with Mohana’s help. Diya says Abhay got insecure seeing Arpita in Mohana’s house. Ratan says they shall use their plan against them. Diya says Mohana will help them. Ratan says he will touch Mohana’s feet to make her agree as he wants to free her from case.

Sajjan Singh talks to Jyoti and says I am fine, Isha and Diya are taking about me. He asks Isha not to tell anything to Jyoti. He tells that he is scared thinking what will happen in court and cries. Diya hears them and asks him not to cry, says Ratan will not let anything happen to her. CT hears them. Sajjan Singh pacifies Diya as she cries.

Ratan, Diya and Yash come to Mohana and ask for help. Mohana says she needs time. Ratan requests her to help him. Yash asks her to prove her innocence. Mohana agrees. They share the plan. Ratan says we have to make Abhay speak the truth.

Arpita tells Abhay that their revenge will be fulfilled when Diya goes to jail and Ratan gets slapped by him. Isha ties raksha sutra on her hand. Diya says Ratan needs it more than me.

Ratan shares his plan with CT. CT says there is a risk to your life. Diya tells isha that Ratan is risky his life and is not agreeing to let others do. CT asks Ratan to asks someone else to help. Ratan says I can’t risk someone else’s life and tells that Diya has done so much for him till now and even if he dies then also will be happy to do something for her. Diya prays to God that Ratan shall live longer and get his age also. Ratan and CT also prays.

Diya couldn’t sleep in night and ties raksha sutra to Ratan’s hand. Ratan gets up. Diya says this will protect you and asks him to wear for her belief. Ratan agrees. Yeh rishta plays. Diya asks him to sleep.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohana tells Yash that she has a way to prove Diya innocent and says Arpita has agreed to give proofs for her happiness. Abhay hears and gets shocked. Diya’s phone rings.

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