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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Diya To Choose Between Responsibility And Love


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Abhay comes to room and sees Diya and Ratan on each other. Ratan says there is nothing like such.. abhay says Diya will answer today. Diya says she is going to engaged to Ratan soon and asks if he still asks her. Abhay takes out the sword given by CT and looks at Diya. He says she is still same as before, and knows well that his life is in her, and keeps sword on Ratan’s neck, but Diya holds the sword and says Abhay Sa. Abhay says I will not kill him and have fulfilled the promise. He threatens to kill himself if she don’t marry him. He gives her 24 hours to rethink. Mohak says Diya will not marry Ratan. Bhuvan bets with him. Sakshi says she will win as she knows Diya will never marry abhay and says she will get all money. CT asks Sakshi to return the money. Bhuvan says he has another idea to find out.

Ratan tells Diya that he will tell truth to Abhay. Diya says we can’t let the truth come out and says she didn’t tell even yash whom she trusts a lot. Ratan says Abhay loves you a lot and have been waiting you since 12 years, asks her to tell Abhay else he will tell him. He gives her time till 8 pm and gives last warning.

Bhuvan asks CT to select one of his hand. Sakshi holds one hand. CT thinks she wants to know about Diya’s decision.

Diya thinks about her conversation with Ratan. Yash comes there and tells that the family members are betting about her decision and says if she says then he will talk to Abhay. Diya says she has decided what to do. Bhuvan asks Mohak to go and asks Sakshi to bring Ratan and Diya to café.

Ratan looks at the time and looks at Diya. Abhay sees her pic. Bhuvan comes to him and says we shall go out and enjoy live music. Abhay says I am in my room and fine. Bhuvan forcibly asks him to come. Ratan and Diya come to café. Diya thinks why did Sakshi call all the family members here. Ratan thinks Diya will tell her decision. He asks her to go and tell. Diya asks him not to force her and says everything is going on as planned.

Bhuvan thinks to increase the fire by putting fire. He plays the song on his mobile and acts as if he singing tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka…..Ratan looks at Abhay. Abhay looks at the time. Ratan asks Bhuvan to stop the song. She gets a diary and reads it. Ratan thinks to inform Abhay. Abhay gets up and takes the sword out, keeps on his neck. Ratan stops him and is about to tell him. Diya comes there.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abhay says I knew you would come and haven’t forgotten me. Diya says she will tell her decision.

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