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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Diya And Ratan Celebrate Their First Holi


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 6th March 2018 Episode Start With Diya reminds Ratan of her challenge and says I will color you fully. Ratan says it won’t happen. Diya says your kurta will not be same. Nitya thinks to make Ratan and Diya drink bhang and thinks to inform CT later. Sakshi takes Diya from there. Bhuvan and Mohak drink bhang. Mohak asks him to drink again. Bhuvan says it is good. Mohak asks him to call him jamai raja. Bhuvan says you are ghar jamai.

Mohak asks him to praise him. Bhuvan teases him. Nitya thinks to test Ratan and Diya and takes bhang glasses. Diya tells Ratan that nobody is playing holi with her as they are not playing. Ratan says I am going to my room, and says holi mail milap is done. Diya throws color on his kurta. Ratan says I hate colors, you have ruined my clothes. Nitya brings bhang for them. Ratan says I will drink if you all leave me. Ratan drinks it. Diya takes a sip. Nitya tells CT that she made them drink thandai.

CT says truth will come out infront of everyone and says then he will be humiliated, we have to stop them. Ratan calls Diya and asks where are you? He says even I will color you and will take revenge with color.

Mohana reaches hospital. Arpita thanks her and says she is feeling helpless. Mohana says I came here for humanity sake and not for you. My Papa taught me humanity and says everything will be fine. Arpita says you have come here. Mohana says where to donate blood. Arpita shows her way. Ratan and Diya start dancing on song…soni soni aankhiyo wali. Ratan tells that he wants to tell them a truth and says I am not your hero. Everyone wonder what he is saying? Diya says if you tell everyone that you are my hero then everyone will know. Ratan says Diya is not my wife. Diya says I am your girl friend, best friend etc… CT asks Yash to take them to room.

Yash asks Ratan to come. Ratan says Diya will leave after Yash’s engagement, my bestfriend will go from here. He says I will miss you very much. Diya says I am going to Mayka, every girl goes. She asks Yash to give her phone and says lets take selfie. Ratan says I will take from my phone. He takes their selfies. Diya asks him to send pics and says she got it. She asks him not to cry and says she will be back from her mayka soon.

Ratan says back..Diya signs him to be silent. Bhuvan thinks why there is nothing wrong between them. Yash tells CT that they had much bhang and can’t wake up till morning. He goes to meet Mohana. Nitya tells CT that they came to know that they love each other a lot under drugs influence. Mohana tells Yash that she has donated blood, but don’t know why that woman was worried for someone. She says when she was a child and was having fever, her mum never bothered about her, but today she was bothered about someone. She asks if I don’t deserve love. Yash says once you gets married and come home, everyone will love you. They apply holi color to each other.

Ratan and Diya are sleeping on bed. Ratan turns towards Diya. Diya wakes up and tells that today I you told me that you will miss me, I felt really good. She says she didn’t drink bhang, but acted to be drunks. She recalls Mohak giving her bhang, but she throws it. She says I didn’t get those selfies which you click, but that moment was printed in my heart and I will miss you very much. She says my bangles, hair pins, your room getting messy with those things, teaching my salsa, etc will be very memorable. She thinks she will go tomorrow. She says I can’t tell you when you are awake, that you are my hero and will always be my hero. Yeh rishta likhenge plays….She gets up from bed.

CT comes there and says I heard everything. She says so this is truth, my heart was saying that you were hiding something from me. Diya says it is not like that. CT holds her hand and takes her out. She says you are lying, I heard your conversation with him in the bhandar ghar, and says I heard everything. She says Ratan and your marriage can’t break in any circumstances.

Diya tells her that Ratan didn’t marry her with his wish and feels ashamed to be married with her. CT says Ratan is just 23 years and is immature. She says when you were his protector, you didn’t listen to your father and became his protector and asks where is that Diya who can do anything and overcome all troubles coming in her way. She says you can’t accept defeat and can make impossible as possible. She says this marriage shall not break, do whatever you want else Ratan have to back off from Data hukum name and position and says this all is happening because of Abhay. She tells about Arpita’s threat and tells that if Ratan leaves you, then he has to leave his position and Abhay will slap him. Diya is shocked.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Ratan tells Diya that he disliked something before, but now he is liking it. Diya asks what’s it? Ratan says its you, I started liking you. Diya is touched.

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