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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Ratan Protects Diya And Her Dignity


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 8th March 2018 Episode start With Ratan asks how dare you to come here. Arpita says you shall ask Diya and says she tried to kill Abhi in Goa. Ratan is shocked. Diya asks what you are saying? Arpita says Diya tried to kill him. Ratan asks for proofs. Arpita asks did you meet Abhay 4 days back. Ratan says they didn’t know Abhay was in the hotel. Diya confirms it. Ratan asks why you didn’t tell me. Diya recalls Ratan not listening to her and telling his decision.

Arpita says but I told you that she met him, fought with him and then she attacked Abhay with glass bottle. Diya says I met him in God and had a fight, but had not attacked him. Arpita asks why did you meet him. Yash asks her to say where was she since 4 days. Arpita says Abhay is in hospital’s ICU since 4 days and shows hospital papers. Yash throws it and says it can be made, I don’t believe on this. Mohana comes and says she is saying right. Arpita says mohana is here? Mohana says I went to donate blood for her relative. Yash says she is your…Arpita says Maasa, I am her mother. Everyone is shocked. Mohana tells Yash that she didn’t know that Arpita knew them.

Arpita scolds Mohana for getting engaged to him. Mohana asks her not to say anything against them. Arpita asks her to ruin her life. She says she did puja and havan in the temple for Abhay’s life. Bhuvan says I saw her in temple. Arpita tells Ratan that Diya betrayed you, 12 years back she ditched Abhay and now you. She asks Ratan to shake hands with her, then they will take revenge together. Sajjan singh coughs. Arpita asks him to kick her out of palace and snatch sindoor and mangalsutra, says she will get her arrested. Ratan holds Diya’s hand and asks her not to try to ruin her name and says she is Diya Ratan Singh, my wife and says he will not bear anything her. He says I trust her loyalty and truthfulness. He says even if God accuse her then also he will not believe and says my Diya can’t betray me. Arpita says you are blind and assures to get her arrested. Ratan says even I will see who touches her and take her from here. He holds her hand. Yeh rishta plays…

Arpita says great and says everyone knows that you take wrong decisions, and says police will come in 15 mins to arrest Diya and asks him to safe her if he can. Ratan asks diya not to worry and says I know you are blamed wrongly and says I won’t let anyone take you out of Palace. Arpita says you can’t do anything and says 3 mins are already wasted, court is closed for 2 days. Ratan says even 2 mins is enough for him and goes. Arpita asks Diya to get ready to go to Police station. Ratan asks lawyer to arrange Diya’s bail. Lawyer says ok. Police comes to arrest Diya and shows arrest warrant to Yash. Yash checks it and feels helpless. Isha says my sister is innocent. Yash says let Police do the work. Sajjan Singh’s condition deteriorates.

Diya starts walking with Police. Nitya, Sakshi and Isha take sajjan in side. Mohana asks Arpita why you are doing this. Arpita says this is right. Lawyer tells Ratan that it is difficult to get bail. Ratan says I won’t let Diya sit in jail for someone’s conspiracy and praises her loyalty, truthfulness and dedication. Lawyer says I will do something.

Reporters ask Diya if the accusations are right. Diya says she is innocent and hopes Ratan proves the truth. She is about to walk out when Ratan comes and stops Police from taking Diya. He gives bail papers and recalls lawyer getting bail papers in fax. Inspector leaves her and says until the hearing happens, she can’t go out of Suraj garh. He holds her hand and takes her inside. Arpita is upset. Ratan comes infront of her and folds his hand. Arpita asks him not to think that he has won, and says after 5 days there will be hearing in court, I will see how you save her. Ratan says I will prove in court that my wife is innocent and then you and your brother will be slapped. He asks her to get out. Arpita goes.

Bhuvan praises Ratan and says you have saved respect. CT asks Ratan to take Diya to Sajjan. Nitya says we have to be united and fight with enemy. Yash says yes zyou are right, but before that we have to take a decision. He folds his hands and ends alliance with Mohana. Mohana and her father are shocked. Yash says I thought our present will not be affected with her past, but it is affecting as her mother is Arpita who has hurt Diya. He removes engagement ring and tries to return. Mohana asks how can you do this and says you knew that I hate her so much, and I was not aware that she has a past with this family.

Ratan asks Diya not to worry and says I am standing with you, and will win this case. Mohana asks do you feel that I betrayed you and asks if you don’t trust me. Diya tells Ratan that you didn’t doubt at me even for a moment. Ratan says I trust you fully. Yash says how to believe you, whose uncle Abhay left Diya on mandap and Arpita accused Diya. Diya gets up from bed. Ratan picks anklet from the floor and makes Diya wear it with his hand. Balam ji plays…….He asks her not to worry when Ratan is here.


Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :Ratan tells Diya that until he proves her innocent, she can’t be freed from this relation. Diya looks on.

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