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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Purushottam Contacts Anami


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Purushottam coughing and asking Laddoo for water. He takes water and drinks. He says you can’t even give me water, if Anami doesn’t come, either Anami or you are gone. Anami imagines Laddoo and cries. Dadi comes and covers Anami with a shawl. Dadi says Laddoo will come, don’t worry so much. Anami asks when will he come. Dadi says you didn’t have food. Anami hugs her and cries.

Munna shows Purushottam’s pic to the men and ask them to find him out. Satrupa says I will talk to commissioner and get you help, but Laddoo should come back here, don’t disappoint me. He says don’t worry, Laddoo will be here. He goes.

Adhiraj asks Dadi how is Anami. Dadi says I explained her to have food, she doesn’t listen to anyone, she is stubborn. Anami prays and cries. She says why are you punishing my brother, I had to lie to Madhu, who raised an unrelated child. Adhiraj consoles her and says you didn’t lie, Laddoo is safe. He asks her did she talk anything. He asks her to have a chocolate bite. He says we will go on a hunger strike together. She eats the chocolate and cries.

Satrupa asks Hira Singh to get Laddoo back in Lal Mahal, bribe anyone, move anyone off our way, I just want him back. He says if police… She says don’t worry for anything, just worry about getting Laddoo back here, I want the man who has dared to enter Lal Mahal, your time is running off, I want Laddoo here, else you know what I can do. He takes the money bundles and leaves.

Anami gets a parcel by the window. She opens it and finds a phone. The phone rings. Purushottam threatens her and asks her to pay some price for Laddoo, as Lal Mahal will never pay anything for him. She asks who are you. He says I will disappear him if you don’t listen to me. She says I will do as you say, just make me talk to him once. He asks promise. She says yes. He says fine, talk to him. She hears Laddoo and cries. He asks her to come soon and take him. She asks where are you, are you fine. He says I m scared in darkness. She says nothing will happen to you. Purushottam says your brother will be alive till you follow my orders. She asks what shall I do.

He says you shouldn’t tell anyone about this phone, I know the police is tapping all phones, if you try to act smart, you will lose him. Adhiraj comes. She hides the phone and sits. He says don’t take tension, Laddoo will come back. She asks do you want anything. He says no, I m going home for some time, you can call me if you need anything, take rest, I shall leave.

The phone rings again. She answers. Purushottam says you kept your promise, you did right to not say anything to Adhiraj, I m keeping an eye on you, you have won my trust, now don’t let this break. She says no, who are you. He ends call. She cries.

Dheeru and Tania wait for Adhiraj. He comes home. He says Anami’s brother got kidnapped. Tania says I will call Anami. Adhiraj says Anami is worried, talk to her in morning, I think Purushottam did this. Dheeru asks how can you be sure. Adhiraj shows the nebulizer he got. Dheeru asks why will he take risk and kidnap Laddoo. Adhiraj says he would have came to meet Sudha, Anami was doubting Sudha. Dheeru asks was there anything which Sudha wanted to tell him. Adhiraj says Purushottam didn’t come to kidnap Laddoo, he came to….

Sudha throws colors and makes a painting. Naina says its a sunrise. Sudha twists her finger. Sudha says sun will never rise for Lal Mahal. Naina recalls throwing the parcel in Anami’s room and fixing a bug there. Sudha says its happening as we thought, Laddoo got trapped, I think Anami’s brothers’ deaths are written in my name. She cleans her hands by wiping off on Naina’s saree. She asks Naina to leave. Narottam comes and looks at Sudha.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sudha says once my brother catches hold of Anami’s life…. Purushottam sees Anami and smiles. Hira Singh says Purushottam is at our target. Satrupa says wait there, I m coming. She arrives at the godown.

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