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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with doctor saying Dada ji is fine now, you all can meet him one by one. Pujan asks Baldev to meet Dada ji. Dadi meets Dada ji and says I won’t let you go anywhere, take rest. Satrupa goes next. Baldev looks on. Satrupa says you will get fine, I m doing what you taught me, if you are annoyed, fight, but don’t leave us. Anami is last link of our family, if I lose her, everything will be ruined. She keeps a spiritual thread near his pillow. Baldev asks what shall we do for dad, how to help him, I have never hurt him intentionally, I did a mistake and dad has never forgiven me, I got away in anger. She says its not just your mistake, if you want to do something, get DNA test done. He says dad doesn’t like that girl’s name also. Dadi says your dad doesn’t like medicines and hospital, but his life is imp.

Dadi tells Satrupa that she told Baldev for DNA test, don’t think she is helping, she doesn’t have big heart, if test is positive, you will lose your daughter, as she is my granddaughter, if test is negative, you won’t have anything to prove, your dream to become director in royal steels will break, you will be in Lal Mahal like a prop. She goes.

Baldev sees DNA papers. Adhiraj comes to meet him. He says its last date to file DNA papers in court, we would have to wait for long if its not submitted. Baldev says tell Satrupa I refused to sign. Adhiraj says I work for govt, not any Rajwada. Anami sees him and taunts that his food doesn’t digest without coming to Lal mahal. He asks her to end this cool drama, everyone has sworn to make her life hell. She asks why is he angry, where did he get hurt. He says I went to hear baba Baldev’s pravachan. She says I didn’t knew his talent. He says its not a joke. She says he doesn’t want to sign. He says your freedom is in Baldev’s hands, sorry. She says you helped a lot, I will take over from here. He says its not easy, run away in morning. She says its last option in my dictionary, every no has possibility of yes. He says you have time till morning. She asks him not to worry and think, don’t take tension, see my style now. He smiles and shakes hands with her.

Poonam gets tea for Anami. She asks her to think well, there will be some way. Anami says what to do of Baldev. Poonam says my dad says none can change Baldev’s no to yes. Anami asks her not to say this. Poonam says my dad says none wants to talk to Baldev here, so he has become strict. Anami smiles and says you said great. She asks servant to give tea to her, she will give it to Baldev. He asks her not to trouble Baldev. She says trust me, I will try to lessen his worry. He gives her the tray. She goes to Baldev. He throws the papers and asks her to leave, he can’t tolerate her face. She says I know we have bitterness between us, its imp to talk, so I got sweet tea, maybe some bitterness ends. He asks don’t you have some self esteem. She says you want me to go, I also want this, so I got a way for you, I will say if you want. He asks her to say what she wants to say.

She says sign on DNA test paper. He asks did you come to make me do this, leave from here. She says i didn’t come to timepass, think what can happen if you sign on this, I don’t want to stay here, your wife will do anything to stop me, if you sign, my test will happen, the court will order me to leave. He asks if result is what Satrupa wants. She says my pain to get away from parents is bigger than your wife’s wish, trust me, report will be what we want. He asks do you know what you are saying. She says it maybe high security one, but it will be my test. He says how can I trust you. She says I love my parents a lot, its about my family’s life, I will keep trying, you can decide. She goes.

Its morning, Baldev calls Satrupa and asks her to come home. Satrupa comes home. Poonam says she looks very angry today. Anami says did Dada ji… Poonam says say good, he is fine, Baldev is also in tension. Anami prays that she succeeds. Pujan comes to his room. Kamini asks will he have tea or drink. He asks her to give poison. He gets angry and says this family is of mad people. He tells what Dadi told to Baldev. Kamini says Dadi was against Satrupa, why is she doing this, I m scared if Anami is proved Satrupa’s daughter then… She imagines Pujan, Avdhoot and herself begging to Anami.

Cook asks what to send lunch to hospital. Satrupa tells him. Daamo asks shall I call Baldev. Satrupa says yes. Baldev comes and says I want to talk in private. Daamo goes. Baldev says you made DNA a big issue, my mum asked me to say yes for this, how can you cheat. She says its my way to prove truth. Adhiraj comes. She asks what are you doing here. Baldev says I called him. He gives the DNA papers and says I have signed on this. Satrupa smiles. Adhiraj says I will take date for DNA test. Baldev says take early date. Adhiraj goes. Baldev says I m not doing this for you, I m doing this for my mum who asked something for the first time, I can do anything for my mum, don’t drag my mum in such cheap games again. He goes. Adhiraj comes to Anami. She asks what’s going on, its last date to submit DNA test application. He says your freedom application got signed. She gets glad and says I would have given you great foods of Banaras if you were there, I m very happy.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anami says see how I change this game. Poonam says I can’t come with you. Anami says plan is fixed. Satrupa asks what planning. Satrupa sees a dupatta hanging out of car dicky.

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