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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj asking how did Baldev agree. Anami says credit goes to me, I showed my attitude. He says you are real Banarasi, don’t know when you fool anyone. She says its my style. He says test is still left. She asks him not to worry, she will fail Satrupa in her own game. He asks her to continue, he will go for work. She asks him to say bye. He says we CBI officers don’t say bye, if we enter anyone’s life, its for always. She whistles for his super dialogue and praises him. He smiles and goes.

Kamini says before everything get ruined, do something. Pujan asks Avdhoot to do something. Avdhoot says I found out in which hospital DNA test will happen, lab incharge is bribed, doctor makes test reports. He gives doctor’s family details. Pujan says its enough, just keep Adhiraj away from hospital, use his sister. Avdhoot asks how will I keep him away, he is dangerous. Pujan asks him to get after Adhiraj’s sister.

Adhiraj asks the staff to guard the DNA test lab. He says we need another doctor, who will become doctor. Ila comes wearing a saree. Everyone turns to see her. Ila says I heard you all want a doctor. Adhiraj asks what’s this drama. The man says you look great. Adhiraj says focus on duty. She ties her hair and asks am I looking doctor now. The men say Ghazab. Adhiraj asks is there any joke going on. Ila says hospital is under Dr. Ila now. Anami calls Madhu. Madhu cries. Anami asks her not to cry. Anami says I m coming to you soon. Madhu gets glad. Anami says my vanvas is ending in Lal Mahal, I have to do preparations. She ends call. Madhu cries happily.

Anami tells Poonam that doctor needs her, Baldev and Satrupa’s blood for DNA test, see how I change blood. Poonam says if anything wrong happens. Anami says I will be with you. Poonam says I can’t come, Satrupa will shoot me. Anami says plan is fixed. Satrupa comes and asks what plan. Anami refuses to say. Satrupa says you have to go for DNA test tomorrow, sleep now. Poonam says Satrupa got to know everything.

Its morning, Satrupa and Daamo come out of Lal mahal and see Anami. Anami taunts them. Satrupa sees a dupatta hanging out of the dicky. She sits in the car and they leave. She asks do you have to say anything. Anami says my days didn’t get so bad, maybe you had something in breakfast. Satrupa asks driver to stop car.

Poonam pulls her dupatta in. Satrupa asks driver to open dicky. Anami worries. Satrupa sees Poonam tied up inside. Daamo gets Poonam out. Satrupa asks what’s all this. Poonam says Anami asked me to come to hospital, I didn’t agree, so she has tied me up. Anami scolds her. She asks Poonam to come to hospital any way. Anami reaches hospital with Satrupa. Adhiraj says Singh family has come. Ila keeps an eye on them. Baldev and Satrupa go with Anami. Doctor asks them to go in and give blood sample. Anami is called. She refuses to go as she is scared of injection. Baldev says take my blood first. Anami says I m not running away, I m going bathroom. Satrupa asks her to come fast. Ila sees Anami. Anami calls Poonam and asks where are you. Poonam says I m in Lal mahal, milk vendor is here. Anami says he will have motor cycle. Pujan bribes the lab incharge. The man asks him to give double amount, he will print Anami’s real blood sample. Pujan calls him mean. He gets glad and says I will pay you triple money. The man says Adhiraj is very clever. Pujan says don’t worry, he will move when time comes. Satrupa says you have to come next, be ready.

Poonam reaches to hospital and talks to Anami on call. Anami asks her to come fast. Poonam asks the milk vendor to take phone later. She sees Ila and says Ila is here, she will identify me. Anami says come in as patient, try to understand, come. Poonam gets an idea and comes as pregnant lady. Anami smiles seeing her. Pujan asks Avdhoot to remove Adhiraj from hospital. Avdhoot asks his men to follow Tania.

Anami asks Poonam to come for blood test. Poonam says we don’t have any test chit. Anami acts to help a lady and gets the test chit. She takes Poonam for test. She asks Poonam to scream fast. Anami asks nurse to take her fast, she is having pain. Adhiraj walks to Baldev. Anami hides and gets Poonam’s blood test done.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satrupa asks Poonam what was she doing in car dicky. Anami collides with someone and picks the sample. Satrupa sees bandage on Poonam’s hand.

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