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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Laddoo Supports Satrupa


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Sudha recalling Satrupa’s words. She goes to her room and ruins everything. Poonam looks on and gets scared. Naina comes there. Sudha says I will not leave that woman, I will kill her entire family. Naina asks her to calm down. She gets an injection. Sudha pushes her. Naina ties her up and gives her injection. She says Satrupa is trapping you, don’t give her any chance. Sudha faints. Anami sees Laddoo’s pic. Poonam comes and says I have just seen Sudha, she was much angry, she was shouting, I m so scared, Dadi asked me to make khichdi for you, what shall I do, I will just come.

Adhiraj hits the punching bag and recalls Satrupa’s words. He says there is some secret in her story. He calls Ila and asks her to put Satrupa’s phone on surveillance. He asks Tanya what’s this joke, Laddoo is kidnapped, he didn’t go missing in any fair. Tanya says calm down, maybe we get any info this way, are you angry as you are not able to help Anami. He says Anami is blaming me, I reached her in time, else her life would have fallen in danger, Lal Mahal people just use people’s emotions, first Vatsalya and then Laddoo, I m ready to risk my life to save Anami, she doesn’t understand. She says you are close to her, if you get upset with her, she will fall lonely, why don’t you tell her if you like her so much. He says you started speaking nonsense again, go from here. She teases him and runs.

Anami gets pain. Satrupa comes and asks are you hurt, what was the need to go there and show bravery. Anami says it will get fine. Satrupa says if you do this next time, then… Anami asks then… Satrupa does aid to her and cries. Anami asks are you crying, I used to get hurt every day in Banaras, Madhu used to say, its good, I won’t do much tandav, Murari used to get senti seeing my wound. Satrupa says every parent has different ways to express love, some show tears and some don’t, so that their children don’t see them falling weak, but every parent gets hurt seeing their child in pain. Anami worries for Laddoo. She asks Satrupa did she see the kidnapper. Satrupa says I didn’t see him, they took Laddoo along. Anami cries and talks of Laddoo. Satrupa recalls.

FB shows Laddoo asks Satrupa where did she get him. She says we will go to Anami, but we will stay here for few days. He asks why. She says we have no other way, the one who kidnapped you wants to hurt Anami. He recalls Sudha’s words and says no, I want to go to Anami. Satrupa says you know Anami well, she will come running, if anyone catches her, she can’t come to us, think, you are protecting her by staying here. He agrees. She says you don’t have to say this to her. He says fine, nothing should happen to Anami, I get bored here, I want a nice video game, superman dress, icecreams and my fav food. Satrupa says you will get everything, you won’t say this to anyone, promise. He promises. Daamo gets superman’s dress. He runs around and smiles.

Satrupa gives him a phone to call her when needed. FB ends. Satrupa says Laddoo will be safe, don’t worry. Anami says I have faith in my Lord. She gets dizzy. Satrupa says you are getting fever, you aren’t fine. She takes care of Anami. Anami sleeps. Satrupa cries and hugs her. Sudha gets up. Naina apologizes. She says I didn’t find Purushottam and Narottam. Sudha asks for water. She pushes Naina away and hurts her. She comes to Satrupa. Satrupa signs her to be silent. She goes out and asks Sudha not to disturb Anami’s sleep, where is Laddoo. Sudha asks about Narottam. Satrupa threatens her about Narottam’s life. Sudha gets angry.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha tells her plan to Naina. She says its wise to get few steps back. Laddoo cries. Daamo looks for her. Anami gets shocked seeing Sudha hurting Satrupa.

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