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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Rishton Ka Chakravyuh on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking what happened. Murari says the night is doing tough, same way like the night when Daamo gave Anami to us, Anami’s decision will have our win and failure, we have to see what upbringing we gave to Anami. She says Anami will be coming to us today. Anami recalls Vatsalya’s words and calls Murari. She says you told me to go to Lord with love, not fear, I should not be scared of Satrupa, I m not a coward, if this is a fight, I will fight this for my Vatsalya, my brother, till I teach a lesson to his murderers, I will fight, I will not return like a coward. He says I m glad, you saved us from failure.

She says I will fight for my brother’s right, pray that I win. He says none can snatch victory from you, this is my pride. She says tell Madhu to stay without me for some days. She asks driver to take her back to Lal mahal. Murari asks driver to drop them to next stop. He says Anami is not coming. Madhu says she decided this by your ethics gyaan. He says she took decision herself, she is going to her new journey, pray for her, she was restless for her twin brother Vatsalya, not her mum, their fate was linked together.

Anami comes back to Lal mahal. She goes to Vatsalya’s room and says I couldn’t go, I came back. She hugs his diary. She leaves from the room. Its morning, Poonam sees Anami sleeping and asks why did you come back, did you leave anything, everyone will wake up, go fast I will manage here. Anami recalls Vatsalya. She says I don’t want any chance now, I don’t want to go, I was living incompleteness since childhood, today I feel a change like getting complete. Poonam asks how will you live without Madhu. She says love has power, but separation is also there, I will be living away from Madhu, I have met Vatsalya in his room, he was stopping me, he was calling me, death made him helpless, so he can’t walk along, he is looking at me, I can’t break this thread now, I will not leave my brother.

Satrupa sees Vatsalya’s room open and thinks how is it open. She checks his diary and hugs it. She gets Anami’s anklet and says Anami…. Anami recalls the attack on Vatsalya. Satrupa comes to Anami. She asks why did you go in Vatsalya’s room, I got this anklet in his room. Anami shouts because he was my brother, I will give you answer, he was not just your son, he was my brother too, I have more right on him, Lord couldn’t separate us, so gave birth to us together, but your black deeds separated us forever, now I can’t see his face ever. She cries and scolds Satrupa.

She says I felt I was incomplete because of you, but no, it was because of losing my brother, shall I stay here as heir, so that you use me, you came to say you will give me all luxuries, tell me, answer my question, how did you separate little babies, did you not get shame, did you not get hurt, you have separated a sister from her twin brother. Satrupa recalls and cries. Anami says see this rakshasutra, Vatsalya has given this to me, he met me on Ganga ghat, what happened, do you have no answers, listen carefully, my hatred for you got doubled, now I will stand in front of you, my life has one aim to make your life hell, I m your story’s hero, villain and writer, see what I do now. She goes. Satrupa cries.

Adhiraj comes to Lal Mahal and sees Anami. He asks did your motive get fulfilled. She washes face. He says cheat won’t get away if you wash face. She asks why are you talking such, did anything happen. He says I should have not trusted you, I was mad, you have used me well, whose idea was it, your or Satrupa? It was a masterstroke, I m in CBI and can’t plan such a thing like you, you are a cheater, a liar. She says you are misunderstanding. He says I was mistaken before DNA test results, you are a liar, who can go to any level to get Lal Mahal money.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Adhiraj argues and taunts Dheeru to be a coward. Dadi asks everyone to wash Anami’s feet.

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