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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj asking Anami to stop her drama and enjoy the richness. He takes the phone and breaks it. He says I got cheated by your desi talks and drama, is your name Anami true or a drama. She says I wish it was a drama, none would have got hurt, but fate is not favoring me, its all true. He says it has nothing true, its a result for the greed, you have won, but remember we have just one relation, Chor police relation, you started this game but I will end it. He leaves. She cries.

Dadi checks the jewelry. Dada ji asks Dadi what are you doing. Dadi says I have become Dadi and doing my duty, when I saw Anami for the first time, I felt she is from our family, a girl is born here after seven generations. She asks him to talk after he gets fine. She talks about Anami.

She says Satrupa got my old age successful by getting Anami here. He says Satrupa succeeded in trapping you. Dadi asks him not to tell anything.

Adhiraj comes home. Tania asks him to come and have food. Adhiraj washes face and comes to have food. Dheeru and Tania start the lunch. Dheeru sees Adhiraj lost and says you came home and look out of home even now. Adhiraj says I m here. Dheeru asks why are you adding much salt in daal, what’s the matter, this is the reason I told you not to take Lal Mahal case, this fight will never let you go away, this is Kurukshetra, see this fight changed you. Adhiraj taunts him to be a coward runner. Dheeru goes and shuts the door. He says our present is raising finger on our past, I wish I could explain Adhiraj, its not easy for two children’s dad to fight. He recalls getting arrested for some fraud. He asks Baldev to see what’s happening. Baldev signs him bye. Dheeru is taken by the police. He sees Adhiraj and Tania crying. FB ends. Dheeru says whoever wins in fight, children lose, Jyoti said right, we will leave the fight, but fight doesn’t leave us, I understood this, but Adhiraj couldn’t.

Dadi asks Poonam to call Anami. Poonam says she is irritated, she will not come. Dadi asks her to convince Anami and get her. Adhiraj angrily drives the jeep and recalls the DNA test result. Ila asks him to drive carefully. Adhiraj hits a tree. Ila looks at him and asks what happened to you. He goes. Anami comes and asks what’s this drama, where is Dadi, she is unwell. She sees Dadi and says I was told you are unwell, you can smile, there is nothing that can make me smile. Dadi asks her to see her fav food. Anami says I m not born to just have food. Dadi wards off bad sight. She asks the ladies to continue singing. Anami says I m leaving from here. Dadi gets an idea and signs Poonam. Dadi gets a getup and sings Khaike paan banaras wala….. Dadi dances and feeds paan to Anami. Anami smiles and hugs Dadi. Dadi says its said, house is lonely without a daughter, we got you after 7 generations, Satrupa kept us away from this happiness, but she got you back, she did big favor on me, I know you will bring a change in this house, I want to take your foot impressions as daughters are Laxmi.

Anami asks why are you doing this. Dadi calls her a precious pearl and asks her to respect her wish. Anami nods. Adhiraj says Anami is very smart, I was helping her and she failed me. Ila worries. He says there are two type of girls, fraud and big fraud. He sits drinking. Ila asks what are you trying to say. He asks her to sit. He repeats his words. She disagrees. He says you are different, there is no one like Ila. She says you are seeing me after drinking wine, you didn’t see me since two years, men get senses after stumbling. She goes to take help.

Dadi says daughter is like Laxmi, so I m doing a ritual. She makes Anami sit and tells about the ritual. Baldev says you do anything, make her temple, but don’t get me in between, don’t force me, you ask Satrupa.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satrupa washes Anami’s feet and says you are my future, I m sure you will learn the rules here. Anami taunts her.

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