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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sudha Meets Purushottam


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 1st December 2017 Episode starts with Anami reading Vatsalya’s letter. He writes he wants to make a free hospital for his workers, so that he can apply ointment to their wounds. She cries. She goes to Dada ji and gives the file. He asks do you also want to have new business. She says its Vatsalya’s file. He says school and hospital. He recalls Vatsalya’s words and says yes, he told me once. She says yes, he wanted to make free school and hospital, I want to do this. He says you can’t say do, sense is needed to understand dreams. She says I have courage like him, trust me. He asks what will you get doing this, whom do you want to show. She says it will be your values to work just to show others, I want to fulfill Vatsalya’s dreams. He says person sees dreams, he doesn’t know he has talents to fulfill it or not, its matter of one year, you will return to Banaras. She says think what I told once, maybe your decision changes. She goes.

Laddoo comes home and looks upset. Satrupa ends the call and asks him what happened. He says I won’t go camp, I have sung a song and madam started shouting on me. She asks what did you sing. He sings Lollylop lagelu…. She laughs seeing him dancing. She says teacher should scold you on this song, its adults’ song, you should dance on it, I will tell you a poem, look at me and follow it. She teaches when you are happy rhyme. Anami comes. Laddoo asks her to join, its fun. Anami asks him to go and finish homework. She goes.

Someone comes to meet Sudha. She gets shocked and takes him in. She shuts the door. Purushottam removes the mask. FB shows Vatsalya’s accident. Driver informs Purushottam that Vatsalya died. Purushottam laughs and says you will get your reward. He comes to Sudha and says Vatsalya is dead. She smiles and says Vatsalya would be sitting in heaven and seeing his mum’s tears. He says now there is no heir left than Narottam, congrats. She says how can you think so low, don’t take my revenge light by talking about their heirship, I will color Lal Mahal walls by blood every time so that they get shaken up. He says I will end all your enemies, its time to come out in open. She says no, it will be just hide and seek, death will be seen and smile will be hidden in my hands. He asks what do I have to do now. She says I will call you when I have to kill someone, till then get your identity hidden and live. He smiles and leaves.

She dances happily. FB ends. Purushottam says I wanted to meet you since you came here, how is our plan going on. She says maybe Anami is doubting on us. He says it means we have to throw out some thorns, Adhiraj is doubting on us, he is after me. She says I m worried for Narottam. He asks why. She says he is weak at heart, he flows in emotions, he got attached to Anami, emotions make a person weak, you have to talk to him, else our hardwork will go waste. He asks her not to worry, he won’t let this happen. She gives him a potli and asks him to keep it, it can help him if anything goes wrong. He asks her to take care. He leaves. Anami hears a sound. She looks out of the window and sees someone. He runs downstairs.

She calls out guards. Purushottam shows the knife and runs. Guards try to stop him. He drops the potli and escapes. Anami gets the potli. She goes to Sudha and asks are you fine. Sudha says yes, why are you scared. Anami asks did you see anyone here. Sudha says no. Anami says fine, go and rest, shut the door. Sudha goes. She calls Purushottam. He says I have informed everyone about my coming, its time for my visit. She smiles.

Its morning, Adhiraj asks Anami did she see anyone. She says it was dark, I didn’t see his face. He asks where did you see him exactly. She says in front of Sudha’s room. He asks Sudha where was she at the time of theft. Sudha says I was in my room, how would I see him, I had medicines and I was sleeping, Anami came and knocked door, I woke up hearing her. Adhiraj says you are not so innocent as you look, I think some relative of yours…. he asks Kamini when did she know her jewelry is stolen. Kamini says when guard gave me this potli. He says thief can’t be unprofessional, that he leaves the jewelry, this robbery is just a put up. Satrupa says yes, reality is something else, truth is in front of you, one who did this knows Lal Mahal well, thief knows everything about guards, cameras, guards shift changes, everyone knows Dadi has most the jewelry, but thief had to go to Kamini’s room, he left jewelry to show it was robbery attempt. Adhiraj asks what was his motive. Satrupa says I don’t know, I m sure one who did this stays in Lal mahal. Anami gets thinking.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha and Purushottam talk. She asks him to kill Anami. Laddoo hears them and falls. They see Laddoo. He runs to Anami.

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