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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Satrupa coming to explain Baldev. She tells how fate brought them in this tough situation. He scolds her for justifying herself. She gets stating that she has done this for children. He says stop it, Vatsalya has left us, truth is we have no children now. She says Anami is your child. He says that crazy wild girl can’t be my daughter. She says everyone says her Jataye hair is like Mahadev’s blessings. He says its all your plan, my dad taught you right business. She says I have hidden this for 17 years, I felt guilty, I was wrong, you are blaming me like a stranger. He says you think you will get anyone as my daughter, for how much money did you buy her. She says Anami is my daughter, I gave her birth. He says fine, agreed she is your daughter, now tell me who is her father, shall I think Anami is the result of your affair. She gets shocked.

She says I didn’t think your thinking will be so cheap, think anything you want, Lord made my son away, and you are denying to accept Anami, our children are so unlucky, I came here to apologize, you can never change. Baldev says you make that girl leave first, else I will get her thrown out. She asks him to be in senses. He says you also leave with her, there is no place for you here. She says Anami will stay with her family, do anything you want, Anami is not my illegitimate daughter, she is my and your child, your blood, don’t equate her with Narottam, come to senses. Baldev says I don’t value you and Anami.

Dada ji stumbles. Dadi holds him. He says I did mistake in identifying people. She says why to regret now, Satrupa has power in hands. He says she has put me in Dharm Sankat, if Anami is not our heir, we will lose family name. Dadi says why is Satrupa doing this. He says its a big lie. She says Satrupa has seven avatars, she is expert in manipulations, Daamo is loyal to her. He asks how shall we ask her about Anami’s father. Dadi asks him not to care for Satrupa and do his Karm. He asks her not to provoke him.

Anami sees her room. She talks to the maid. Maid tells her about everyone’s loyal servant. She says I m your secret keeper, bodyguard and shadow. Maid says just nine people stay here. Anami asks who. Maid tells about family members. Maid asks her to ask anything, she will get it. Anami says fine, get sunlight and fresh air. Maid says you made a heavy demand, how will I get this. Anami says this is not a room, there is no sunlight and air, I can’t stay here, I will find place to spend vanvaas, come, we will see what else is here. She comes across Baldev. He looks at her. She goes. She drops an expensive art piece. Maid worries.

Anami jokes with Dadi ji and Dada ji. She goes. Dadi calls her ill mannered. Dada ji says don’t think much. Anami hears them and says he is right, don’t think much about me. Adhiraj and Ila come to pan vendor and get info about Anami. Adhiraj asks the connection of Satrupa and Murari. He bribes the man. The man tells about Murari and Guru’s relation, Pujan is angry as he didn’t get anything in hand. Adhiraj says fine, keep an eye on Lal Mahal, I want all info. The man says he is Narottam, he is sweet like my sweet pan. Adhiraj says where is he going. Narottam leaves on the bike. Adhiraj and Ila follow him. Narottam sees them and races the bike. He tricks Adhiraj and goes.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujan says I can kill anyone to make Avdhoot the heir. Dada ji goes to kill Anami. Satrupa gets shocked.

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