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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Anami seeing the video. She meets Adhiraj and shows the video. They have a talk. She sees Laddoo and gets sad. Poonam tries to cheer up Laddoo and talks to him using a puppet. He doesn’t smile. Anami says I will not leave the culprit. Adhiraj asks her to see Satrupa’s expressions, maybe she is involved, Purushottam would have blackmailed her, but whatever the evidence say, I have more doubt on Sudha.

Anami says this case looks simple, but its so complicated, just Laddoo gets talking, this case will get solved. Sudha sees Laddoo and goes. She comes to Narottam and says Adhiraj and Anami are trying to find the truth, I will control Laddoo any way, but Anami is clever, we have to stop her. He says why don’t you leave them alone, can’t you see Laddoo is suffering, it won’t be good if you do anything. She says you shouldn’t get affected by this, I won’t explain the same thing again, burn your feelings for Anami. She warns him.

Anami says Laddoo you are a brave boy, what happened, why did you get so scared, atleast write and tell me, or make a drawing. He sees the balloons and gets scared. He runs off to his room. Satrupa looks after him. Anami comes there. Satrupa says Laddoo is fine now, have this badam milk. She goes. Anami takes Laddoo along and they play. She throws the ball. She asks him to play. Someone comes there and kidnaps Anami. Laddoo looks on shocked. He runs after the car and falls down. He shouts Anami….The car stops. Anami gets down the car and runs to him. Adhiraj gets down and runs to reach Laddoo. Anami happily cries. Anami says you took my name just now, just call me once again, talk to me. She hugs him. Poonam tells everyone that Laddoo got his voice back. They all go out. Anami cries and asks Laddoo to talk to her again.

She tells him that Laddoo has just now called her. Satrupa sees Daamo. Laddoo faints. Anami and Adhiraj hold her. They take him to the room. Doctor checks Laddoo. Anami asks will he get fine. Doctor asks her to calm down. Anami says I just wanted to cure him, what did I do. Dadi asks Adhiraj why did he do this, whose permission did he take. Pujan and Baldev also question Adhiraj.

Anami says Laddoo has called me. Dadi asks who advised you to do this. Anami recalls talking to doctor and making this plan to make Laddoo get rid of this fear. She tells everyone that she thought Laddoo will speak seeing her getting kidnapped. Doctor treats Laddoo. He says Laddoo will get conscious in some time, please inform me. Madhu calls Anami. Anami gets tensed. Satrupa takes the phone and talks to Madhu. Madhu asks for Laddoo. Satrupa says he went out, I will make him talk to you, everything is fine. Anami says nothing is fine. Satrupa sees Laddoo opening eyes and asks Madhu to talk to him. She asks Laddoo will he talk to Madhu. Laddoo hears Madhu.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha says I will use this light to burn the house, I will see where Laddoo goes. Everyone is in Mata ki chowki. Laddoo hugs Satrupa and asks where did she go by leaving him alone in guest house. Anami says I m with you Laddoo. Satrupa gets tensed.

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