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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj talking to Lal mahal people. He tells them that Vatsalya’s case is not just of accident, it has become a case of heirship. Ila asks Dada ji did he really not know about Anami. Dada ji asks how dare you ask this. Adhiraj says CBI got this case, you can get me transferred and then some other officer will come. Police follows Pujan. Adhiraj asks staff not to leave Pujan. Dada ji asks Adhiraj to finish his work and leave.

Adhiraj says Baldev is legally the owner, but can’t become owner, what’s the matter of will. Baldev says its our personal matter, dad didn’t trust me for his business. Adhiraj says people say Narottam is your illegitimate son. Baldev angrily accepts it and asks Adhiraj to ask everything, everyone knows each other’s shameful act.

Adhiraj asks him to stay back till his questions get completed, else he has to come to office, did he know he has a daughter. Baldev says no. Adhiraj asks what do you mean, you didn’t know about this. Baldev says all thanks to my wife, I didn’t know this truth, I m still finding truth. Pujan fools the police and leaves dressed in a burqa. Adhiraj questions Satrupa about her children, where is Anami. Satrupa says she is outside.

Kids get tired of playing and talks to Anami. Satrupa says Guru ji has suggested me that solution. Adhiraj asks why did you not give away your son instead daughter, you love him more. Anami comes and taunts Satrupa. Adhiraj likes Anami’s attitude and asks her about Murari. He compliments Satrupa for finding a right candidate for Lal Mahal’s Mahabharat. He gets a call and is informed that Pujan left. He calls them idiots.

He meets Narottam and asks where did you go that day, when you saw me and ran away. Narottam says I was much afraid thinking some goon has got after me, I feel suffocated here after Vatsalya went, so I went out. He does drama. Adhiraj asks Avdhoot how did he feel when he failed to become heir. Avdhoot says we are one family, don’t talk wrong, else I can call home ministry and complain. Adhiraj calls minister and asks him to talk to Avdhoot. Avdhoot talks to minister and complains about Adhiraj. Minister says Adhiraj works for govt, I can’t interfere in his work, tell me if there is anything else. Avdhoot says no thanks. Adhiraj asks Avdhoot what will he do now. Pujan comes home and says Avdhoot is a kid, maybe he said that in anger.

He asks Adhiraj why did he come. Adhiraj asks him about criminal Bala, he was seen coming here. Satrupa asks why will any criminal come Lal Mahal. Adhiraj says I have proof. He shows pics to Pujan and says you maybe knowing him. Pujan asks is he my son in law that his face will be known to me. Dada ji asks is it done, leave. Adhiraj says I just heard what appears is not true here, I have seen it today, I will meet later. Anami whistles and stops Adhiraj. She jokes on Adhiraj. Adhiraj warns a storm will come here. He goes. Anami asks everyone to continue their family discussion and goes to play. Satrupa stares at Pujan.

Maid tells Satrupa that Anami didn’t eat anything, I have tried everything. Satrupa asks are you telling this to me now, I will feed her, go. Satrupa and Daamo come to Anami. Satrupa asks Anami to have food. Anami refuses. She hits a mosquito. She says if mosquito bites you, you will be much hurt. Satrupa asks her not to be annoyed on food, have it. Anami refuses to even have water by her hands. She asks Satrupa to let her sleep. Satrupa keeps food. Anami asks will you change my intentions showing food, my intentions are like soil, not iron which can catch rust, take the food, don’t waste my time.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujan asks Dada ji to see the news headlines, tolerate this if you want, but I can’t tolerate this. Baldev asks Dada ji to throw Ssatrupa and Anami out of Lal Mahal. Pujan smiles.

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