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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Satrupa asking Anami to have food if she changes her mind. She goes. Satrupa and Daamo look at Anami. Daamo says same attitude, anger, fearless determination, your childhood has returned, she reminds me of you. Satrupa says no, she is ahead of me, I didn’t have so much courage. Daamo asks what do you think, she will change her mind and eat food at night. Satrupa says hunger breaks down everyone, let’s see till when she doesn’t eat food. Anami gets up and sees the food plate. She feels hungry. She takes her stole and ties to her stomach. She lies to sleep and cries. She recalls Madhu, Murari and Laksh. FB shows Madhu asking Anami to have food. Anami refuses to have food and ties dupatta to her waist. Madhu and Anami talk via Laksh. Madhu asks what happened that she left food. Anami says everything is not said, few things have to be understood. Madhu says I won’t go to doctor, I won’t remove my tooth. Anami says tooth ache will increase, there will be decay. Madhu says I won’t get treatment.

Anami says I won’t have food. Laksh looks at them and asks them to talk on own, he has to finish homework. Murari gets halwa and asks Madhu to serve to everyone. He asks did Anami eat food. Madhu signs no. Murari says we all used to have much halwa in childhood. Laksh says talk to Anami directly, why are you dragging me, I will go and do homework. Madhu gives halwa to everyone. Anami says keep it inside, else ants will eat. Madhu says its your share, feed it to anyone you want. She asks Murari to come inside, Anami doesn’t bear hunger, she will eat it. They go. Anami gets up and sees halwa. Her resistance ends. She goes and grabs the halwa bowl. She sits eating halwa. Madhu smiles seeing her. She says I came to take rice. Anami says I was just tasting halwa, if it had much sugar, I would have asked Murari not to have it. Madhu says have it, I will go to doctor tomorrow. Anami asks sure. Madhu asks shall I swear now. Anami says fine, any ways I can bear hunger. Madhu says I know and goes. Anami eats halwa. FB ends.

Anami checks the water bottle. She finds it empty and enters haveli to get some water. Narottam sees her going. He leaves out of Lal mahal. Narottam asks a man to check if there is anyone from CBI. The man says no, its clear. Narottam takes the bike keys and leaves. Anami gets water and sits to have it. She hears someone crying and checks. She sees Dadi. Dadi sees her and gets up. She gets ache. Anami asks her to sit. Anami asks her to show foot. Dadi says doctor will come in morning, it will get fine. Anami asks will you give 1000rs to him for 2 mins work, I m seeing it, don’t move foot. Dadi recalls Vatsalya caring for her. Dadi says your fingers have magic, open a massage company. Vatsalya says you are joking, no massage now, don’t call me, I won’t come. FB ends. Anami makes Dadi’s foot fine and asks her to move foot and see. Dadi gets emotional.

Anami asks are you feeling fine, I m asking something. Dadi says pain is less, how much do you charge for this. Anami says I don’t run massage class, go and rest, hiding and having icecream is not good. Dadi asks why will I steal in my house. Anami says the way you were hiding and having icecream, it proves you have sugar. She drinks water and goes.

Its morning, a girl makes omelette and asks Adhiraj what will he have in breakfast, she has much work in college. He asks her to tell him, he has much swag here. She asks him not to get his swag to her college. He says you feed me four hot parathas fast. She says not four, you will just get two, call Papa, he is missing you a lot. He says good idea Tania, it will help me too. She asks what help, are you going to talk about Lal mahal case, you will take him into past again, mum is gone, because of your useless case, I don’t want to lose Papa, do anything, just don’t let our family shatter, there won’t be any talk, this was decided right.

Satrupa sees Anami playing and smiles. Daamo says something is happening downstairs. Satrupa says I don’t care, let them do anything. Pujan asks Dada ji to see the newspapers, headlines are about Anami, I can’t tolerate this, this is my house too, you are my dad, not uncle, I can’t tolerate anyone ruining your respect, we won’t be quiet. Satrupa asks him to say then, who stopped him, he is still free. Pujan says I m talking to my dad, not you. She says its about my story. Pujan’s wife taunts her that her ego didn’t end. Satrupa asks Avdhoot does he want to say anything now. Baldev says its limit of shamelessness, Pujan is right, you are pointing fingers at everyone, I request dad to kick out Satrupa and that girl out of here, else I won’t stay here, I don’t want to see their face. Pujan smiles.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Anami says I m going to Poonam’s house to have bath. Satrupa threatens to ruin Poonam’s house. Anami asks Satrupa to talk to her directly. Satrupa says one day, you will love Anami. Baldev says your dream will never be fulfilled.

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