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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Pujan locking up Sudha. She asks him to open the door. He says its good she will shout her and her son will get pain there. Avdhoot beats Narottam and asks why did you not tell us that your mum escaped from asylum. Pujan comes sand threatens Narottam. Baldev stays silent. Pujan asks why did you not tell us. Narottam says I was afraid, forgive me. Pujan says you will get beating. They throw Narottam down. Pujan beats him. Satrupa comes and asks him to stop. She says why shall we bear punishment of his mum’s deeds, Lord already gave him sorrows. Pujan says these mum and son are this house’s sickness. She says maybe you didn’t hear what I said. Pujan and Avdhoot leave. Baldev looks at her. Satrupa says justice will happen, but its against Lal Mahal rules. He goes.

Adhiraj comes and talks to Tania. She hears music. He asks her will she write songs in exams, does she not have studies, is her english presentation over. She asks how do you know. He says you go college, I also went college, won’t I know. She says fine, but how do you know. He says maybe you said. She says maybe the queen of your dream told you. He says I m hunrgy. She asks did you go to meet Anami. She jokes. She says you blush hearing her name, tell her you like her. He goes.

Sudha sees Narottam’s wounds and cries. Satrupa comes to them. She says I lost my son and don’t want you to go through that pain, your son shouldn’t bear punishment of your crimes. Sudha stares at her. She says I should go back, its better for everyone. Satrupa says no, you won’t go anywhere, you will stay here, don’t think I pity you. Sudha says let me go. Satrupa says you are Anami’s adamancy, I don’t want to get away from one more child, if you stay here, you will be under my sight, don’t know what will you do if you escape this time. Satrupa says apply ointment to his wounds, so that wounds heal and make place for new wounds. She goes.

Its morning, everyone pray and do aarti. Anami prays for Madhu. She says give strength to Madhu, Vatsalya’s culprits should be caught by law, I want to do your puja next year with Madhu, Murari and Laddoo in Banaras. She takes Durga idol on her shoulders. They all leave.

Pujan calls a man and says I have a breaking news, Sudha has come back, Narottam’s name shouldn’t come, he can become a hurdle for Avdhoot, he is bad blood of Lal Mahal. The man agrees. Pujan says I m messaging details, Lal Mahal should lose respect. Pujan says now it will be fun, Sudha Bhabhi.

Sudha angrily grinds the haldi. Satrupa looks on. Sudha takes haldi for Narottam and applies to his wounds. She says you have tolerated a lot of pain and I couldn’t do anything. He says these wounds will heal in some time, I can’t apply ointment to your heart wound, I m a helpless son. Sudha asks is pain getting less. He says I feel better now. She pours water on his wound. He asks what are you doing. She says this wound pain is our treasure, we can’t let this get less, anger is a sign of fear, they are falling weak, we will keep these wounds remain fresh, so that this gives air to our revenge fire. He says you didn’t change. She says time didn’t let me change, I have fell all my life. She goes.

Adhiraj smiles and thinks of Anami. He gets Anami’s call. He says sorry if you have to talk about essay. She says I have done it myself. He says I was getting stuck now. She asks what happened. He says leave it, tell me why did you call late night. She says I have to meet you, I got something from Vatsalya’s room, there are some photos and documents, I have to solve his case.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anami says I have made this file. Adhiraj says good job, this will help our case. She says you have to get culprits punished. Dada ji says Sudha shouldn’t be in our life and Lal Mahal till tomorrow. Pujan nods and smiles.

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