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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Anami going to freshen up. Pujan jokes on her. Anami taunts him that if he gets caught by some spirit, his life will be spoiled. She goes. She sees Satrupa going to some room and locking the door. Anami goes to check. Satrupa checks Vatsalya’s clothes. She hugs his coat and cries. She keeps fresh flowers and sets the sheets. Anami sees them from window. Satrupa recalls Vatsalya singing. Poonam sees Anami at the window and asks her what is she doing here, come for bath. Anami says Satrupa went there to clean, is this room special. Poonam says don’t see this room. Anami says then I have to enter the room. Poonam says no, Satrupa will not leave me. Anami asks what is she doing inside, let me go, there is much suspense here, move, let me go. Satrupa opens door and sees Poonam. Poonam says I came to take that sweeping stick. Satrupa says I shouldn’t see anyone outside this room. Anami hides.

Anami sees Satrupa and goes. Pujan rolls on the floor and prays to Mahakali. Anami passes by and dirty water falls on Pujan. Narottam laughs. Pujan scolds the servant and throws his slipper at him. Anami catches the slipper. Pujan says now even slipper got impure, I have to throw this. Anami says slipper gives respect by being in feet, if this hits forehead, it will ruin respect. She comes to Pujan and gives the slipper. He says you are enjoying here, this won’t go for long, I will throw you in same lanes of Banaras. He says dirt turns golden in Banaras, any ways you won’t understand this. He taunts her on her poor parents. She says everyone asked for Bhiksha, from Sudama to Chanakya, and about my parents, the thing they earn, you can’t earn even in seven births, they got a daughter in charity, they raised me as blessing and here you all throw a little girl thinking her as a problem, there is a bird owl can see at night, it doesn’t mean there is sun glowing at night, its owl’s talent, your talent is you see the world as beggars, your abhishek happened by dirty water, get bath by clean water. She goes. Narottam laughs. Pujan goes to slap him. Anami holds his hand and asks him to control his hand, she can change her rules too, he maybe hurt then. Pujan goes. Dadi says she has attitude like our blood, I can’t take decision so soon, there are many to take benefit.

Adhiraj is on the way. He talks to informer on call. He asks him to take money and give him evidence. The man asks him to remove bullets from the gun and come ahead. The informer meets Adhiraj and gives the clue which police got from Bala’s house, police has taken money and disappeared it, this jewelry is from Lal Mahal. Adhiraj pays him money and goes. The informer a call and says Adhiraj got the proof, what to do about this money. Someone asks him to keep it as prize.

Dadi says I don’t like such sugarless tea, go and get sugar. Satrupa says I have stopped her, I care for you. Dadi asks her to go before she gets heart attack. Satrupa says I really worry for you. Dadi taunts Satrupa that her mind and thinking are dangerous, you tell me what do you want from me. Satrupa says I want Anami’s DNA test to happen, but Baldev is not agreeing. Dadi says don’t expect me to talk to him, I will not become your puppet. Poonam asks them to come fast, something happened. Adhiraj says last time you all didn’t like my questions, sorry for that, this time I have new questions, this red potli have many secrets which will unmask many here. Ila opens the potli and shows jewelry. He says Bala was a criminal, he was seen coming here after Vatsalya’s accident, this jewelry was given to him, I got this potli at his house. Dadi says its our ancestral jewels. He asks how did a supari killer get this jewelry. Satrupa says Maa gave this to Kamini. They all see Kamini. Adhiraj says it will be better if you answer everything here.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anami and Adhiraj fall down. Anami heals his hand. Narottam tells Satrupa that Pujan knew Vatsalyta is eloping from home. She slaps him,

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