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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Adhiraj Guides Anami


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 5th December 2017 Episode start With Anami saying you would have suggested this to Dada ji. Satrupa says yes, I m thinking about everyone, this family and many families linked to us, Sudha is a black shadow which will ruin everything, I will ruin her, if I have to put a price on my son’s dreams, I will do it, if Vatsalya was here, he would have done the same. Anami says it means you couldn’t understand him. She goes.

Adhiraj says Purushottam is alive, he is in this city, according to Satrupa, the thief knows Lal Mahal well, I know Sudha helped Purushottam, they did this drama, Anami saw Purushottam, so he failed, but he will come again, he won’t get saved. He calls officers and tells them that some member from Lal Mahal is with Purushottam, keep an eye on Pujan, Sudha and Narottam, I want all the info, if you see Purushottam, nab him any way.

Satrupa thinks of Anami’s words and gets sad. Laddoo comes and says I have sung a good song in the camp. He sings. Satrupa asks why are you screaming, leave from here. He leaves. Anami recalls Dada ji’s words. She thinks of Sudha and Narottam. Satrupa sees Laddoo crying. She says I was in tension and shouted on you by mistake, sorry. She reads the poem. He corrects her and says come, I will teach him. She smiles and gives him a chocolate. She makes him wear a medal and says I m proud of you. Laddoo comes to Anami and hugs her. He asks did anyone say anything. She signs no. He says you are missing mum, you can talk to her. She says if I call Madhu, she will worry for me, I feel better hearing you. Laddoo says fine, I will show you cricket. She asks him to go. She calls Adhiraj. Adhiraj meets her. She says Lal Mahal people use others, they don’t know keeping relations. He says maybe their way is wrong, their motive is wrong, sometimes we get possessive to protect someone, other person thinks we are going to attack, we are away from truth, what we think is our perception, we don’t know what’s in their heart, maybe anyone close is trying to backstab you, maybe Satrupa is doing this to save her family.

She says this is confusing, Sudha is their enemy, but they snatched her rights, Lord knows what’s the truth. He says you have to find the truth, take this as life’s test, you will definitely learn, people learn by mistakes, even Sita Mata had to give AgniPariksha. She says I will test Sudha now. Satrupa comes to Dada ji. He asks did Anami give an answer. She says no. He asks what do you think, will she agree to us. She says I m not capable of thinking anyone, I asked her for a price for my son’s dreams. He says every big war asks for big sacrifice, you are teaching your daughter to fight in life, if you don’t tolerate this pain, Anami has to suffer. She says Anami has strong roots, she will never bend down. He says that’s why I m scared, she is very confident, she will not listen to anyone, she got Sudha to get justice for her, till then she will not get back. She asks what if she leaves Sudha’s hand midway, we will win, Anami is our Abhimanyu, she can break Sudha’s Chakravyuh.

Anami tells Sudha about Vatsalya’s dreams. Sudha says I know, Narottam told me. Narottam says I wish this could get complete. Sudha says this can never happen, they will never agree for this. Anami says but they agreed. Sudha says its good, why are you upset then. Anami says they agreed on one condition, Vatsalya’s dream will come true when you sign on these papers. Sudha asks what’s written in this. Anami says you and Narottam can stay in Lal Mahal, but won’t have any right on it, you won’t have any relation with Baldev, Narottam won’t be his son. Sudha says I m fighting for my right, you want me to leave this. Anami says your sign will help many families.

Sudha sees Narottam. She calms down. She says I would sign, but this fight was never for me, I was fighting for Narottam, I will stand by Narottam’s decision. Anami asks Narottam not to refuse, as she knows he can go to any extent to help others. She asks him to forget his pain and revenge. He says its easier to say this, but no, I can’t forget my anger, they have always reminded me that I m a stranger for them, their wealth and property don’t matter to me, I just wanted their love, they want to end my existence, what can be their problem, the saddest thing is you got these papers to me, they have sent a sister to erase a brother’s existence. He stops Anami and says fine, I will do as you say, I will sign on these papers. Sudha gets shocked. He leaves.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha says once we lose Anami’s support, Lal Mahal people will kick me out. Laddoo hears Sudha and Purushottam’s planning to kill Anami. He runs to Anami. They see him and follow to stop him from ruining their plans.

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