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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 6th November 2017  Episode start With Adhiraj saying we will meet now, atleast to say sorry. Anami says we will meet tomorrow, did you get hurt, let me write essay now. He ends call. Tania comes and teases him. She reads the story to pull his leg. He pulls her cheek. She says like you have duty, I have studies. He asks her to stop drama and go. She says tell me, how will you meet. He makes her run. He smiles. Its morning, Satrupa hears Narottam and gets into his room. She sees his wounds and lep kept on the table. She asks why did you not apply haldi. He says mum says if haldi is applied, pain gets less, pain gives courage to fight, if it gets less, how will courage come.

She says then you should have said before, I would have got salt. He says mum asked me to look at medicine to get relief, else medicine is kept in front to apply. She applies the lep to his wounds. She says if wound is not healed, it becomes a termite for body, one doesn’t have strength to stand, what’s the use of such wound which hurts all life, your mum feels victory can’t be achieved without fight, it can be achieved without hurting anyone, take care. She goes. He looks on.

Adhiraj checks file and asks where did you get this. She says I made this file by Vatsalya’s diary and pics. He says good job. She says you have to get culprits punished. He says this man in pic can be around, he is following Lal Mahal’s heir, they are contract killers, they will follow you like shadow, you have to be careful. She shouts to call contract killer and scolds. He asks what happened. She says there is no one, you spoiled my mood, get me icecream. He says I don’t want. She says get it for me, this was my and laddoo’s fav passtime, you will not know it. She gets two icecreams and asks what will you have. He asks did you take other one for neighbor. She says don’t see this, you tell what will you have. He says give any one. She asks the man to give chocolate icecream to him. Adhiraj looks at her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage……plays…………He smiles.

Dada ji sees news of Sudha’s entry in Lal Mahal. Pujan smiles. He asks Dada ji to stop this, water has gone over head, our name and respect can get away in water. Dada ji says I will move this reason off my way, its time to use last weapon, Sudha won’t be in our life and Lal Mahal tomorrow.

Poonam gets Sudha there. She takes a look around. Dada ji comes and asks will you have tea or anything. She says you called me. He says you came yourself, when did I call you. He makes tea for them. He taunts her. He asks what do you want, tell me, but on one condition, don’t come back. She says I just came here for family, I don’t need money. Satrupa asks Poonam to call Anami, she should also see this woman’s truth. Dada ji says take the hotel, I have made joint account for you and Narottam, I have put much money, go there and stay. Sudha says I don’t want anything, I left dreams, I just have one wish, I want Narottam to get his father’s name. He says you want right of heirship. He scolds her.

She says you said ask anything, when I asked, you are worried, I just want a name, I want my son to get identity which Vatsalya got. Dada ji shouts Sudha enough, not a word more, you are here because of Anami, she will see your avatar and show you the exit. Sudha sees Anami in mirror. She starts drama. She says don’t make me away from family, I will die. Dada ji says great, you are changing colors so quickly, have some shame, agree to my offer and leave us. Sudha says you all want to get rid of me, you are giving me greed, you can’t make me away from Narottam, I won’t go. She faints. Anami runs to her.

Sudha sees Anami gone. She gets up. Narottam asks how did you faint. Sudha says I had to faint, I didn’t know when Anami came there, I m worried, she can spoil my game. Satrupa comes to Anami. She says water has no color, if we add tea, it becomes of tea color and loses identity, some people are such, are you not able to see truth…..


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satrupa tells Dadi that she has seen doubt for Sudha in Anami’s eyes, she will bring Sudha’s truth out. Ila tells Adhiraj that Sudha’s truth came out. Anami asks Sudha why did you refuse to Dada ji’s offer.

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