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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 7th December 2017 Episode start with Purshottam takes away Laddu. Anami keeps on looking while Purshottam leaves. Purshottam puts Laddu in the car. Laddu looks at Anami but could not shout her name as his mouth his covered. Anami gets tensed.

Anami comes inside Lal Mahal and she asks Poonam about Laddu. Poonam says lets check in the room. Anami asks Satrupa if she saw Laddu. She says no. Anami runs to find him everywhere. Sudha keeps an eye over Anami. Anami gets emotional and starts crying she keeps on calling Laddu while Satrupa looks at Anami. Purshottam takes Laddu to a secret place and opens his mouth. Laddu starts shouting with Anami’s name. Purshottam asks Laddu to keep quite he locks the door and leaves.

Laddu knocks the door and shouts. The servants keep on looking for Laddu in Lal Mahal while Laddu cries saying Anami’s name. Poonam comes to Anami and tells she could not find Laddu anywhere. Anami shouts out Loudly. Anami keeps on crying while Satrupa tries to calm her and Gayatri also calms Anami. Narottam says sitting like this won’t help and says lets go and search him. Anami runs with Narottam. Sudha calls Purshottam and says don’t go anywhere and stay in the same place.

Sudha tells him that they will have to find some gain in this loss too. Anami leaves in search of Laddu with Satrupa in their car while Narottam also leaves in his bike. They start showing Laddu’s pictures to strangers and ask them about him. Anami looks at a guy like Laddu and runs after him while it was someone else. Satrupa takes Anami. Meanwhile, Avdhoot and Kamini keep on thinking about where did Laddu get disappear. Avdhoot says now their way is clear as Anami is broken after this incident. Pujan says the job is yet not complete. Pujan says it will get complete when Laddu will never return back again. Laddu says he is afraid of darkness and asks to on the light. Purshottam calls Sudha and asks her about Lal Mahal’s situation. Sudha says everything is going as expected and says to keep him at a safe place and not to get caught by police. Anami, Satrupa, Poonam and Narottam come back home.

Anami puts the blame in herself and says she yelled at him and thus he leaved. Satrupa says its been 4-5 hours and he is not back and says if he was disappointed by Anami then he would have returned back till now. Satrupa decides to call Adhiraj and Anami comes and takes her phone away saying he is not missing but is disappointed. Anami tells her that she must be happy today as whatever she wanted is happening. She says she wanted to create a rift between brother and sister and he has left me. Satrupa gets furious and says she is not in her senses and she is her mother. Gayatri comes there and stops them. Anami tells Gayatri to tell Satrupa to bring Laddu back and she will do whatever she wants to. Satrupa says she can understand her pain and she will bring Laddu back. Anami begs before Satrupa saying her to bring Laddu back and she will do as she says. Anami says she will be her slave for her whole life and asks her to bring Laddu back. Satrupa promises Anami that she will bring back Laddu safe and sound.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Adhiraj comes along with his gang and they check for Laddu’s footsteps. Adhiraj says they found his steps and he was dragged too. Adhiraj says they saw his steps near the van. He says this means Laddu did not leave on his own and he has been taken forcefully. An officer comes and calls Adhiraj saying that they found something. Sudha gets tensed.

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