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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying we are going Banaras tomorrow to do heir puja on Gangaa ghat. Satrupa says all arrangements will be done. Uncle/Pujan Singh aims gun at Vikram. He shoots in air and dances with the crowd. Dada ji says Satrupa and Pujan will be Vikram’s business caretaker, Vikram’s approval will be needed for everything. He talks to his people. Pujan chants Vikram’s name and dances. Pujan’s son Avdhoot gets angry and says you dance here, Vatsal took everything and left. Pujan says Vatsal will become owner when he turns 18. He hugs Vikram. Satrupa and her husband look on.

Vikram plays guitar and sings. Satrupa sings with him. They dance. They feed chocolate to each other. Its morning, servants keep the bags in car. Pujan looks at a guy. Satrupa asks Vatsal to hurry up. She comes down and sees a guy coming. The guy says Choti Maa, its big event of Vatsal, I want to come along. She says Vatsal is not your brother, I m not your Choti Maa, go from here. He says I m also happy for Vatsal. Satrupa’s husband Baldev comes again. Dada ji says Baldev, I should not see this face again. Baldev asks the guy to go to his room. The guy says Papa, I want to be part of this occasion. Baldev says I m not your Papa, I just have one son, Vatsal.

Vikram stops the guy and says I will come Banaras on one condition, my brother will come with me. Everyone looks on. Avdhoot says we are set, we will make the girl do an item song. Pujan calls someone and says we are leaving with Vatsal, he should not come back from Banaras, I will meet and explain everything, be ready. Everyone leaves.

Anami says I don’t like all this today. Her mum asks her to have sweets. Anami leaves on her bike. Her mum says your dad is on ghat, do the birthday puja. Satrupa and family reach Banaras. They all come to the ghat for puja. Anami and her brother look on. She says even if they are rich, their head should bow down in Banaras, once you get admission in english school your english will get strong. Vikram’s abhishek is done. Satrupa smiles. Everyone blesses Vikram.

Anami’s brother says if you don’t do puja birthday puja, mum will not let you come home. Anami takes him in the crowd. Vikram donates the things. Anami stops him and says you rich people donate things to wash sins, this taught people to beg. He says donation is our devotion, not a show. She says your pandit is our purohit, move, we are getting late for puja. Vikram says give her the way. She goes. Vikram gives things to poor. Anami asks pandit to do puja. He asks why is she angry. She says I do puja as per Lord. He asks her to leave diya in ganga ji, all her sorrow and pain will get away. Anami takes the diya and says birthday comes once in year, my mum is just Murari’s wife, she will always be my mum, you have left me, I immerse you every year. A lady asks for Vikram’s Rakshadeep. Pandit says maybe Anami took it. Anami leaves the diya in waters and says Swaha. The lady prays. She sees Murari and hides her face. Murari leaves with Anami. The lady looks on and recalls giving the baby to Murari.

Avdhoot drinks wine and makes the poor guy/Baldev’s other son dance as the item girl. Pujan talks to goon and says I want result soon. The goon asks for money. Avdhoot’s friends misbehave with Baldev’s son. Pujan steals the jewelry.

The lady goes to Guru ji and says I have seen Murari on ganga ghat today, there was a girl with him, her age was same like our… Guru ji stops her from saying. He asks her not to recall it, what they are hiding since 17 years. She says I m scared, some other girl took Vikram’s Rakshadeep. I don’t feel good, the past is not leaving us, what shall I do. He asks her to just observe silence, don’t let the black shadow reach Lal mahal, you did not do any mistake or crime, keep it a secret. FB shows Satrupa hugging her daughter and crying. She gives her daughter to the lady and says take care of her, she is my daughter. The lady leaves from palace. FB ends.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujan gives money to goon and says it should look an accident, not murder. Anami and Vikram sit at ghat and talk. Goons attack Vikram. Anami tries to rescue Vikram.

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