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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Satrupa Is Determined To Bring Anami Back


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 8th January 2018 Episode Start With Adhiraj tells Anami that bus will be repaired in a bit and then they will go. Laddu is also sleeping in bus, so not to worry about him. Adhiraj is feeling cold. Anami shares her shawl with him. Song plays..Anami falls asleep on his shoulder. Adhiraj smiles seeing her. He appreciate her fighting with the world. He too falls asleep. Anami gets flashbacks about Satrupa and wakes up. She hopes pandit and his wife don’t have to pay for her running away. She tells Adhiraj that Satrupa knows her weakness and she will attack on her weakness first. She won’t go to Benaras.

Anami calls pandit and he is shocked. He asks her to meet at Kailash Kaka place. Pandit’s wife asks what happened. He says they don’t have time to talk and asks her to pack her bag. They have to leave the town.

Anami tells Adhiraj that pandit told her they will be safe at Kailash Kaka’s place. She eats chilly by mistake. Adhiraj rushes to get water for her and makes her drink it. He then feeds her as well. Tum Tak song plays… He tells her that his dad used to give him sweet roti when he ate chilly. He tells her should have been careful while eating. Laddu acts of eating chilly and Adhiraj just offers him water. Laddu teases them.

Satrupa is trying to call Anami, but her phone is off. She calls commissioner and says that Anami has gone somewhere and they need his help to get her back.

Sudha is getting ready. She tells Naina that it’s a day to celebrate. There were no colors in her life till yesterday and today she has stolen colors from Satrupa’s life. Anami has already left her and soon Baldev will leave her. Then she will know the pain of leaving life alone.

Anami and co are in the bus. Anami is in thoughts. Adhiraj asks her what she’s thinking. Anami says Satrupa must be mad as she left. She is worried for Laddu, pandit and his wife. Adhiraj says nothing will happen to them. He won’t let anything happen to them, no matter if he has to die. Anami says, kya baat hai. He has gov’t job, but he’s working for her. Gov’t will get upset. He says then only his job will go, if she gets upset, then how his life will go? Anami gets quiet and asks meaning? He says he was joking. His job is likely to go, but if anything happens to her, then he won’t be able to forgive himself.

Pandit and his wife leave their house. They see Satrupa’s man and hide. Satrupa is informed that pandit and his wife left. She gets angry. Baldev asks her to control her anger. She says all happened because of him. He didn’t let her go to Anami’s room else she could have stopped her. Baldev says she must have realized that Satrupa only used her, so she left. Gayatri also asks her what she has done for Anami? If she did her duties properly, then they might not have seen this day. If Anami doesn’t come back, then she will never forgive her. Satrupa walks away.

Pandit’s wife is worried. Pandit says once they reach Anami and Laddu, everything will be fine.

Police stop bus for checking. Anami and Adhiraj gets nervous.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Police is showing Anami and Laddu’s photos to everyone and ask whether they recognize them. They enter the bus. Anami covers her face with veil. Inspector asks lady constable to remove the veil and check.

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