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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji asking the lady to take rakshasutra for Vikram, it will protect him, give it to Satrupa. The lady thanks him and goes. She stops and says you knew Murari will come on ganga ghat, so you did not come in puja. He says we should see the consequences. She goes. He looks at some kundli and says time is changing, there is going to occur a change.

Satrupa makes Vikram wear the rakshasutra and asks him to always wear it, it will protect him. Dada ji says we will do pagdi rasam now, my dad made me wear this pagdi, which I will make Vatsal wear now. He makes Vikram wear the pagdi. Everyone looks on. Dada ji says this pagdi is power and responsibility too, thousand homes run by your decision, so think well and decide, Rakshak can become Bhakshak by one mistake.

Vikram says you have given all gyaan to me, I have to learn your style. Satrupa says you will learn much till you get till his age. Vikram says I don’t want long life, I want to be free. She asks him not to say so else she will beat him. Vikram says its impossible that you beat me. Baldev says you will pass all tests, you are my son, I m so proud of you.

Dada ji says he is my grandson. Dadi asks them to calm down and smile now. Vikram makes his dad and Dada ji smile. Pujan gives money to goon and asks him to kill Vikram, it should look like an accident, Vatsal’s personal bodyguard is always with him. The goon says give more money, I will kill him too. Pujan says you just understand it should look accident, not murder. Goon goes. Pujan smiles.

Anami teaches her brother. Murari’s wife argues with him. Light goes. Murari jokes on her. Kids laugh. She lights the lamp and comes to kids. Anami asks her what happened, is she unwell, why is she angry. Her mum says what parents explain is called illness, forgive me. Anami says what do you mean, say clearly. Her mum asks what’s this drama of your birthday. Anami says I don’t want to talk. Her mum asks where did I do mistake, you be my daughter all year and become strange this one day, who makes you away from us, I want to know. Anami asks what do you want to know, I have no answer, I just have questions, who was she who left me, why, and why did you not give birth to me. Her mum cries. Anami says I m trying to control my heart, but I can’t, none will snatch me from you, stop crying, if I cry, flood will come in Banaras. Her mum asks her to have kheer. Anami goes to the ghat and sits crying.

Vikram comes there and sees her. He asks what are you doing here in darkness. She says I came to sink this day in ganga ji, why do you care. He says even the day passed soon. She says every pain has time. He says pain would have ended with time, there is something incomplete, when I come Banaras, I feel something got completed. She says its Kaal Bhairav’s magic. She says its my birthday today. He says there is one hour more to change date. Goons swim their way to reach Vikram. Vikram says its my birthday too. They both say each other, don’t say happy birthday and don’t expect to listen. She says I have a mum’s conflict in my life. He asks how can it be, my mum is best. She says time is never constant, I discovered all mums are not same, your mum is best, my mum is worst, she gave me birth and left me, then I got a best mum. He says then Lord did justice with you. She agrees. He asks what’s your name. She says Anami. He says even my mum tells her name like this with attitude.

She says it needs courage to think so, your mum has courage, we have something common. Goons pull Vikram’s leg. Anami and Vikram ask them to leave him. Goons pull Vikram inside the river. Anami jumps in the river to save Vikram. Anami catches the goons and fights with them. The goons don’t leave Vikam. She hits the goon. Bodyguard comes and pulls a goon up. He tries to remove the mask of the goon. He kicks the goon inside the river and jumps to save Vikram.

Bodyguard removes mask and sees the goon. He asks Vikram to come fast. Anami asks why did they get after you. Vikram says wife, land and money are behind evert fight, this is same with me too, I m rich and its a problem for me. He ties her his rakshasutra and says this is not any prize, its my friendship, if I had a sister, she would have been like you. She says I have a little brother, but not like you. They ask each other to give their greetings to their mums. Vikram leaves with his bodyguard.

Anami comes home and sees her brother crying. She asks what happened. He says I saw a dream, a girl and a little brother like us were then, they stayed happily, a magician came and troubled everyone, she came to that girl’s house and took the girl away, her brother is left alone. Anami asks him not to cry. He says if you leave me and go then. She says I won’t leave you, you will not get free of me. He asks how to believe this, if any magician come and take you. She says no way, come, don’t get afraid, keep my dupattam you will always have it. Anami sees the rakshasutra and thinks of Vikram.

Bodyguard thinks of the goon. Satrupa comes there. They ask the goons who gave them money to kill Vikram. Goon says I did not see the face of that man. Satrupa looks on. The goons are tied and thrown inside the river. She worries for Vikram.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pujan talks to Vikram. Vikram tries to run from the house. Satrupa gets Vikram’s house and worries.

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