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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha asking Narottam to say sorry. He apologizes. She says I decide when soul will break relation with body, its because I m the Kaal of this story, your focus should be on Anami, go and do your work. She blesses him. She asks him not to do any mistake, as she doesn’t know forgiveness. He nods and smiles. He leaves. She sees lal mahal pic.

Dada ji is treated. Pujan stops Avdhoot and asks him to see problems from far and enjoy. Baldev asks Dadi to sit. Dadi blames Satrupa for all the destruction. Baldev asks Dadi to just think of Dada ji. Anami comes home and says where did everyone go. Narottam sits playing chess. Anami comes to him and says you have laid the complete game. He says I get peace by chess game. She says great, you play from other sides and that too best. He says Vatsalya played better than me and he has taught me all this. She says there is no one who says bad about Vatsalya, I wish I could meet him once, where is everyone. He says Dada got heart attack, so everyone took him to hospital. She asks him not to worry, Dada ji is strong, nothing will happen to him.

She asks him to play chess with her. He says you will lose in my game, we will play new game. She says what’s fun if I don’t make you lose in your game. He chooses his side. He says you will lose in 6 moves. She asks him to hurry and play his move. She asks do you feel good here. He says I m helpless to stay here, you are also helpless, save your king Anami. She says yes, I m tied by helplessness, very soon I will fly away, why does anyone not talk about your mum here, you also don’t say anything. He says they regard it a sin if I take my mum’s name. She asks why, where is she. He says don’t ask, I can’t talk. He gets up to leave and his kurta gets torn. She sees wounds on his back and gets shocked. He smiles and acts to cover up his wounds. He says I will go, don’t tell anyone that I said anything about mum.

He goes. She gets angry. He says you played game, but I didn’t let you play 6th move, you see my 7th move now. Baldev asks can we see dad. Doctor says his state is critical, its not right to meet him. Anami goes to Narottam. He changes his kurta. She asks who has beaten you, tell me. He says you are seeing wounds for the first time, but I got habitual to this. He recalls beating himself. He says whose name shall I take, its all my family here, there is no one bad, my fate is bad, they are good. She says I can’t believe they are so cheap to show power on weak guy like you, what’s your mistake that you got beaten up. He says my mistake is I m Baldev’s illegitimate child. She says I m your friend from today, if anyone touches you, I will give him 10 times more wounds. She shakes hands with him. He says shall we go and end game. She says I finished game in 6th move, go and see. He says you are dangerous. She says yes, I m and goes. He makes a hateful face.

Someone is on the way and reads about Dada ji. The man comes to hospital and meets the doctor. Doctor asks who are you. The man says you are not in a state to question anything, I know everything about your family. He threatens the doctor and says if you want your family to reach home safe, you won’t let Vikramaditya Singh die, if he dies, your family will never return home. He pays him money.

The man comes to Dada ji and says how can I let you go this way, I have to settle many scores with you, do you remember or not, dad open eyes, its me, your Dheeru, my pain has kept me alive, now I have come back to complete the story.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Baldev throws DNA application. He asks Anami to go back. Anami says I want to get free of here, so I got a way for you.

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