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Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update


Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Written Update on

Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th September 2018 Episode Start With Ranveer wears his uniform proudly. Roop is sad and cuts onion as he does not want to show his tears. Kamla comforts him she says that he knows that Shamsher dream broke and therefore he is sad. Shamsher comes home drunk and breaks things. Roop and Kamla rush to see him. Shamsher says that today one boy disobeyed his father. Shamsher cries as he is ashamed. Bua says it’s not it’s fault.

Shamsher tells Roop that he knows what he said in the interview. Shamsher tells him to reveal the truth. Shamsher says that Roop was going to spoil his name by printing in the newspaper his way of passing him. Shamsher blames Kamla for making him cook. He catches her neck. Roop pushes his back. Roop apologies to Shamsher and hugs him. Roop tells him he did all this because he don’t want to be an officer. Shamsher says that Roop is dead for him. Shamsher says only Ranveer is his only son. Bua says that nothing right has happened.

Ishika’s mom and rupesh worry as Shamsher shouted and went. Ishika tries to make them happy. She goes to cook. Kanchan is still worried. Daval calls Ishika. He says she spoilt the family name. He tells her because of her police came her. Ishika reminds him that police came earlier and also arrested him. He has already spoilt the family name. Bhoomi is about to slap Ishika.

Kanchan stops her. Shamsher is broken, bus gives him medicine but he does not drink it as he is badly hurt. Roop is about to talk to him, Kamla stops him and tells him the time is not right. Ishika calls Roop and asks him to come out as she waits there. Ishika tells Roop about Shamsher’s threatening.

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Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shamsher asks Roop to apologise, he refuses. Shamsher throws his bags out and closes the door for him

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Roop : Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Details

Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Colors TV channel. N/A are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. It is Starts/Launch on 28th May 2018, Mon-Fri 9pm. .


Mitali Nag
Nikki Sharma
Tasheen Shah
Vaishali Thakkar
Yash Tonk
Afaan Khan
Ananya Agarwal

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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