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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya  10th February 2017 video watch online on

Gopi and Jaggi ask Bhavani’s address to a passer by. He asks if they know Bhavani well, then why did they come here, they should return as Bhavani speaks only with lathi and gun. Jaggi asks him to just tell address.

Vidya panics in front of Gaura that she killed Chanda, so how will police find her. Gaua tries to calm her then slaps. She says if she panics like this, police will arrest her.

Jaggi with Gopi reaches Bhavani’s house and enters by kicking door. Gopi calls Seeta and they both are shocked to see Bhavani feeding Seeta from her hands and pampering her. Bhavani thanks them for taking care of her daughter and Seeta told they did not kidnap her and took care of her like thier daughter. Jaggi says she entered like a goon and fought with them. Bhavani apologizes and says she will become Seeta’s Yashoda maa and take care of her well.

Gaura looks at her jewelry and when Dharam enters hides it in cupboard, says she was searching medicine for Vidya. Dharam asks what happened to Vidya, why she panicked when policed talked about Chanda.

Gopi tells Bhavani that she wants to talk to Seeta alone. Bhavani asks Seeta to take Gopi to a room. Gopi asks Seeta to not get afraid and tell if her mother is troubling her again. Seeta says maayi has changed and everything is fine now, apologizes on maayi’s mistake. Gopi says it is okay, she is just worried about her happiness. Seeta says she is happy. Bhavani tells Jaggi that he looks to be doubting her even now. He says she barged in like a goon and even locked them in their house. Bhavani apologizes him. Gopi comes out with Seeta and tells she spoke to Seeta and she seems happy. Jaggi asks Seeta to tell if Bhavani is troubling her, he will burn Bhavani’s lanka and take her from here. Seeta says she is safe in maayi’s hand. Bhavani thanks them for protecting her daughter. Jaggi says Gopi that he does not trust Bhavani. Bhaani says she is defamed already, so everyone think she is wrong. Gopi says Jaggi let us not interfere in their personal issues and leave from here. Jaggi warns Bhavani if she tries to get Seeta married to old man and trouble her, he will destroy her house. Bhavani says she understood. Gopi tells Seeta that she her home doors are always open to her. Jaggi says Seeta that she can call him whenever she is troubled. Gopi and Jaggi leave. Bhavani angrily looks at Seeta.

While walking towards car, Gopi says she feels something is wrong. Kaushal panditji clashes with them. Gopi reminisces Seeta talking about Kaushal panditji who helped her elope. She asks if he is kaushal panditji who helped Seeta escape. He says yes, he has to save Seeta from getting married in 2 days. Jaggi says he will get back Seeta right now. Gopi says they cannot force, so they have to plan something else. They both walk towards home.

Vidya walks at home engrasped in thoughts. Dharam tells Shravan Vidya seems tensed now a days. Gaura starts her explanation.

Gopi and Jaggi reach home and tell Urmila and others what all happened. Jaggi says not to worry, he has arranged his area friends to get back Seeta. A lady comes. Gopi introduces her and says she runs NGO for women empowerment and will help them save Seeta.

Precap :Gopi with Jaggi, police and NGO people to Bhavani’s house and orders to stop this marriage.

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