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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode kick starts with some bar or pub. Ricky dancing, drinking and getting cozy with a girl, Neha, I Guess. This goes on for some time.

At Modi home, everybody in worried kind of situation ; Kokila suggest to make a call, Gopi makes, but no answer. Gopi turns her pleas to her Lord Sri Krishna, for some divine intervention.

The pub manager arrives with the bill, with Ramakanth and the girl on the floor, Ramakanth says Gopi Modi would foot the bill and speaks ill of Modi Family.

At the house, Kokila suggest that they call the police ; Seetha calls Ramakanth, the manager notices the cellphone on the floor, answers the call ; Seetha gives the cellphone to Jaggi, and later the pub location is conveyed. Gopi and Jaggi leave.

Hereabouts ; Guara and Bhavani plan a scheme, some prayer / pooja ; Vidya walks over, away from Bhavani, after Guara goes away. Bhavani confronts Vidya and says that at the Pooja she, Bhavani would sit along with Dharam, against the wishes of Guara. Vidya says Divya would sit.

Ramakanth and Neha on the streets, are getting cozier and walking around, Ramakanth sees a man on the footpath, drinking, Ramakanth joins him and Neha tries her best to pull him away, but in vain. Ramakanth says he has found a partner to drink which Neha would not understand, much later, after a hug, Neha and Ramakanth leave.

At the Pub ; Jaggi and Gopi search for Ramakanth ; the manager hands the bill, Jaggi argues that bill is exorbitant and Gopi stops the talk, asks for Ramakanth, manager says however much they tried to stop him, he had left with a girl ; not knowing what else to do, at this point Gopi gets a call, and is shell shocked. Jaggi takes the cellphone and the Police Inspector informs that there is a dead body, and they have to identify it. They also found the cellphone and a brown jacket, which Jaggi thinks it aloud that it is his and wonders how it reached the dead body. Flashback shows, Ramakanth taking it.

Gopi rushes out, Jaggi follows. Gopi collides with an oncoming car ; Gopi is taken to neearby stall and attended by Jaggi ; Gopi Laments the fact that she did wrong to bring back Ramakanth out of his familar suroundings and later reaches the spot.

There is some time before Gopi reaches the covered body, all in a very slow motion. But Gopi is unable to uncover, Inspector signals and some police personal removes the white cover, as it happens, after much ado, nothing happens. It is the dead body of the man on the footpath.

In between, Ramakanth tells Neha that he gave his jacket because he found the guy was shivering, in flashback, Ramakanth, gives some cash and the jacket. He further tells Neha that he found happiness in that man on the footpath and for him, Ramakanth I mean, does not differentiate between any man, there is no class culture, etc., to treat a man or human being. They are travelling in a car.

Gopi and Jaggi heave a sigh of relief and say it is not Ramakanth and they take the cellphone.

At Modi Home, family is updated of Ramakanth not being at the pub. Just then, Ramakanth and Neha arrive, Kokila takes him to task for being drunk on this auspicious day. Ramakanth says he feels there is no need to offer any explanation to anyone, but still he would do so.

He says on his last day in India he would enjoy and is going to his room, with Neha. Kokila and the rest are shocked ! !


The Episode Ends On Kokila’s Face ! ! !

Precap :- 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Police arrive at Modi Home to arrest Jaggi ; On complaint filed by Ramakanth. The family is taken aback at the turn of events.

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