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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2017 video watch online on

Dharam reminisces Vidya panicking repeatedly, talking about Chanda, blood, jail, etc.. He calls someone and says he is stuck in a problem, tells whole story, and asks to think well and tell what to do.

Seeta reminisces Gopi and her family’s love for her, Bhavani’s torture, etc. Bhavani brings clothes for her and asks to stop crying and get ready as bride soon. Seeta cries more. Bhavani warns not to irritate her and get ready, else it will be bad for her and her Modis.
Gaura pampers Meera’s children. Inspector comes and Vidya panics again. Dharam greets him in. Inspector says he has search warrant of his house as he feels they will find Chanda’s clue here. Gaua says he should find Chanda outside, not here. Dharam says he promised police to cooperate and says they can search. Constables search house and find Chanda’s clothes. Dharam asks Gaura to take Vidya and children in.

Bhavani enjoys folk songs sitting on swinger. Gopi with Jaggi, inspector, and NGO laddies come and shout to stop this marriage. NGO lady tells inspector that Seeta’s step mother did her child marriage and now doing her gauna/farewell.. Inspector calls Seeta. Seeta comes and Jaggi asks if she is fine. Seeta says yes. Inspector asks Seeta what is her age and if she is being forced to marry. Seeta says she is 20 years old and it is not her marriage, aother girls whom thier parents consider as daughter. Inspector scolds Jaggi not to trouble him again without proper info and walks out. Even NGO ladies walk out yelling at Gopi. Bhavani taunts Gopi and Jaggi to have some sweets and go. Gopi looks at Seeta weeping and worried and takes Jaggi from there. Jaggi scolds Gopi that she did not listen to him, he would have handled this issue properly. Gopi says there was no pandit in marriage. They see a pandit passing by and ask about Keshav pandit. Pandit says keshav pandit’s family member fell ill, so he went to meet family.

Bhavani takes Seeta to a room and says she care about her more than her daughter and shows her tied Keshav panditji. She warns her to marry Ramesh if she does not want pandit to die.

Dharam asks inspector to check even backyard. Inspector says dogs sniffed and pointed towards backyard. Constables bring anklet and rings. Dharam and Shravan say these are Baa and Vidya’s anklet and ring.. Vidya panics. Inspector asks to call Vidya and Gaua.

Bhavani tells Seeta’s father that Seeta agreed for marriage. Pandit asks for water. Bhavani throws water on his face. Father says it is a big sin to trouble brahmin. Bhavani yells he made a big sin 20 years go and warns Seeta if she does not marry, she will kill her favorite goat baby. She cries hugging goat.

Precap: Jai and Veeru tell Jaggi that they wll accompany to save Seeta. Jaggi says only he will save Seeta like a Bheem. Gopi asks what is his plan. Jaggi says wait and watch, how he will get Seeta away from Bhavani’s grip.

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