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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2017 video watch Online on

Gopi tells family what happened at Seeta’s house. Urmila asks why Bhavani is getting some other girl married instead of Seeta. Gopi says she is sure it is Bhavani’s trick against Seeta. Jai and Veeru come holding roti roller and bow arrow and say they will go with jaggi to save Seeta ike Hanuman and Ram. Jaggi says he will go alone. Sona asks why Jai is holding roti roller. Jagi says he did not get gadha. Urmila says even Bheem used roti roller and tells them story. Jaggi says he will go like Bheem and save Seeta. Gopi asks what is his plan.

Chanda panics and says she will inform police before they dig ground and find out Chanda’s dead body. Gaura says she will not let her spoil her life. Chanda panics that everyone is waiting for Chanda to return and tell Chanda’s address. Gaura ties her to a chair and Vidya continues shouting to leave her. Shravan comes and asks why did she tie Vidya. Gaura says Vidya got panic attack again and takes him out. Vidya continues shouting she killed Chanda.

Bhavani tries new jewelry and asks her puppet ladies how she is looking. Ladies praise that she is looking bride’s younger sister. Their jokes continue. Ramesh comes gives her 50 lakhs as dowry. Bhavani says he will become her son-i-law (SIL) tomorrow. She hears cooks fighting out and walks out. Jaggi enters with Gopi and Sona disguised as Rajasthani cooks and says he is from Kathiavari cook and nobody can cook like him in her village. Cook says he is lying and fooling her. Jaggi says cook called her fool. Bhavani’s goons beat cook. Jaggi in Punjabi accent says he will prepare bajra roti, makke da saag. Bhavani asks why he is speaking in Punjabi accent. Sona handles situation. Bhavani’s aide tells she should hire them. Jaggi says with his and his wife, his saali/Sona is free.

Gaura gives her statement to inspector that she and Vidya burnt wheelchair as she was feeling helpless seeing chair. Rings and anklet must have fallen then. Inspector insists to take Vidya’s statement. Gaua syas Vidya is unwell and cannot give any statement. Priyal enters Vidya’s room and asks who tied her. Vidya asks her to free her hands. Priyal frees her. Inspector is abot to leave when Vidya goes down and stops them. She then picks Priyal. Chandaniya chupjana re…song..plays in the background. She gives Priyal to Shravan and tells she will give her statement in police station. Dharam says she can here itself. Inspector says once statement is taken, Dharam can bring back Vidya home. Vidya leaves with inspector. Gaura shows fake concern, then smirks.

Jaggi and Gopi discuss how to meet Seeta now. Bhavani comes. Jaggi gives her snack and asks her to sit while he prepares lassi. She says she has a lot of work and calls Seeta out, says people defame stepmother, but she is getting her step daughter married in a lavish way. Onceshe leaves, Jaggi calls Seeta, but she does not hear him. Gopi walks towards Seeta, but Bhavani’s goon stops her.

Precap: Sona tells Bhavani that she will apply mehandi to bride. Bhavani stops her and says she has seen her somewhere.

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