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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gopi insists Jaggi to try and walk. He tries to get up from wheelchair and falls down. She asks him to get up. He tries from his hands. She tries to help him, but he shouts to stay away. Kokila enters and Jaggi says her that he does not want anyone’s help, pointing at Gopi. Sahir gets him on chair. Jai and Veeru insist him to play volleyball. He says let us go out and play.

Jai and Veeru play volley ball with neighbor kids and Jaggi watches them. Sona writes score on board and goes to get chalk. Ricky’s dayimaa follows her to bring chalk. Jaggi sees water leaking from washing machine and live wire falling on floor. He sees water flowing towards Jai and Veeru and shouts to stay right there. They don’t listen. He falls on water and collapses after electrocution. Jai and Veeru call family. Gopi comes out and sees live wire. She throws plant vase on water and switches off washing machines. She rushes to Jaggi and shakes him up to wake up. Whole family gathers and they take him in and give water. Gopi asks him if he is fine. Dayimaa says it is all because of her, she should not have gone away to bring chalk. Urmila asks to calm down and gives water. Dayimaa goes to her room and sees Ricky sleeping. She pampers him and says whoever tries to trouble Ricky, she will harm them. She reminisces breaking Jaggi’s wheelchair’s wheel and thinks she will trouble Modis for troubling her baba.

Meera performs morning aarti with Vidya. Dharam and Shravan join them. Meera serves aarti to them. Bhavani gets jealous seeing Meera getting Dharam’s attention and in ileu of taking aarti burns her sari and shouts. Dharam asks someone to bring water. Vidya brings water and pours it on fire. Dharam asks Bhavani if she is fine. She acts as collapsing on his shoulder. Meera fumes in jealousy.

Jaggi hits his legs with stick repeatedly and shouts he could not protect Jai. Gopi comes and tries to stop him and stick falls on her forehead. Jaggi gets worried seeing her forehead injury and first-aids it.

Ricky tells Dayimaa that Modis treat him badly and have forced him to stay in store room, he wants to go to a night club on stage border, but does not have money. Dayimaa gives him 2000 rs. Gopi enters and asks why he needs so much money. Dayimaa says they are getting havan pooja for Jaggi. Ricky smirks. Gopi asks to take Seeta along then. Ricky fumes if he takes Seeta along, he cannot go to night club.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ricky yells at Seeta that he knows she will inform whole family that he did not do any havan, stop interfering in his life. Gopi slaps him and says when in needed, Seeta helped him, he is insulting her.

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