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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Seeta walks towards car to bring pooja items. Ricky walks behind her and addresses her as gawar/uncultured babe. She asks if he called her. He says and shows her rose and says this for her, she is looking more beautiful than this flower. This flower smells very pleasant. Seeta smells flower and collapses. Ricky holds chloroform bottle and smirks. Urmila says they should start pooja. Kokila asks where are Seeta and Ramakanth. Ricky smirks that Seeeta got into his trap so easily. Seeta’s ex-fiance Ramesh hits his head with a rod from behind and he collapses. Ramesh reminisces coming to temple to pray god and seeing Seeta there. He calls his goons, lifts Seeta and leaves in his jeep. Ricky gets up and shouts hey you. Jai and Veeru notice Ramesh carrying Seeta and imagine him as Ravan. They shout Ravan kidnapped Seeta.

Divya and Vidya see Seeta sitting on swinger and smirk. Bhavani takes oath to expose their plan, else she will change her name. Vidya says then she should select a name for her.

Ricky gets up holding his head and tries to start car, but it does not. He tries to take lift, but in vain. He sees Jai and Veeru with their skating board and asks them to get it down soon. They give him skating board. He rides skating board faster than 2 and 4 wheelers. Gopi and Kokila start maha aarti. Bhajan start in the background. Ricky then throws rope to a passing car and moves fast.

Divya adds wheat flour in thali when Bhavani comes and mixes something in flour. Divya asks what is it. Bhavani says glass pieces and when Vidya will knead dough, her hands will be injured. Divya gets tensed. Bhavani says she should try to safeguard her true identity or save Vidya. Gaaura comes with Vidya and says they will prepare poori, etc.

Gopi and family continue their pooja. Jai and Veeru inform that Ravan uncle kidnapped Seeta didi. Sona says they are just imagining Gopi’s told story. They say they are not lying, they saw ravan uncle kidnapping Seeta didi and Ricky Ticky uncle rushing behind them on skate board. Jaggi with Gopi rushes to car and sees its battery terminals broken. He finds cycle rickshaw nearby and rides it with Gopi a pillion.

Ricky follows Ramesh’s jeep throwing rope on other vehicles and speeding fast. He picks machete from a passer by. Ramesh sees him and throws things and Ricky escapes and continues following. Seeta wakes up and shouts to let her go home and calls Ricky ji.

Precap: Ramesh tries to stab Ramakanth when Seeta throws chilli powder on him and his goons and runs with Ramakanth. Gopi with Jaggi reaches spot and says looks like a fight has happened here and finds Seeta’s anklet. Seeta jumps and tries to pick mango from tree. Ramakanth lifts and helps her.

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