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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jaggi reaches police station and requests inspector to free Kokila and Gopi as they are innocent and Sameera has trapped them. Inspector says they are arrested under domestic violence charges and it is a nonbailable offense, he cannot do anything. Jaggi asks to leave them until they are proved guilty really and chargesheet is filed. Inspector warns not to teach him law. Jaggi asks to take something and leave them. Inspector fumes he is trying to bribe him and can be arrested, get out from here. Jaggi sadly walks out.

Bhavani throws Meera into grave and buries her alive.

Jaggi returns home. Parag asks if Gopi and Kokila got bail, where are they. Urmila and others also ask same. Jaggi says they did not get bail, he cannot do anything. Sahir says they cannot prove them innocent, but can bail them out. Jaggi says Sameera has filed section 490A and it is nonbailable offense, apart from that ticky kumar/Ricky is on his wife’s side, inspector told Ricky gave statement against his mother and grandmother. Urmila shatters. Sona consoles her. Parag says they have to find some way.

Seeta goes to Ricky’s room and fumes what magic Sameera did that he is against his own family. Ricky yells if gawar babe cannot see howmuch Sameera is afraid, Gopi and Kokila tried to burn her. He shows gun powder sprinkled dupatta. Seeta says he cannot understand value of relationships. He is seeing from Sameera’s eyes and cannot differentiate right and wrong. When Gopi risked her life and saved Sameera, how can she try to kill her. She would have let Sameera fall and die. They hear chanting against Gopi and Kokila outside and see Sameera and Pinku darling with women organization members. Samera sees Ricky peeping and acts to stop their chants, she has forgiven her in-laws. Urmila with family walks out and thinks what drama she is creating now. Sameera continues that her husband is very hurt seeing his mom and grandma in jail, she cannot see him tensed, she can do anything for him. Pinku darling comments his sister is very emotional and cannot see her husband in pain, she is ready to forgive her in-laws. Sameera asks women again to go. Women leave asking Sameera to call them if needed. Seeta asks Ricky if he cannot see his wife’s lies, she is a big actor. Ricky yells not to teach her whom to trust her.

Dharam with Vidya and Shravan get concerned for Meera. He peeps from window and sees Bhavani in backyard. Bhavani laughs that Meera should die in grave now, nobody can separate her from her Dharam. Dharam comes and angrily asks where is Meera. She says Meera is gone and will not be back, now it is only them. Vidya sees plougher and says Bhavani has buried didi alive. Dharam starts digging ground. Bhavani sees rod and tries to hit Dharam with hit. Vidya sees and alerts Dharam. Dharam escapes and gives Bhavani a tight slap. She falls down. Police reaches and says Dharam cannot take law in his hands. Vidya says Bhavani has buried her sister alive. Inspector arrests Meera. Dharam sees Meera’s hand coming from grave and hurries to pull her out.

Pinku and Sameera’s drama continues. Ricky comes and asks her not to worry and goes aside. Pinku darling asks Sameera why did she send women organization group, they would have easily punished Gopi and Kokila. Sameera says she saw Ricky watching them from his room and getting worried for her when she gets emotional, she will continue using her emotional drama and trap Ricky.

Gopi and Kokila in jail hope god will end their problems. Kokila gets emotional and says she just walk 10 steps, it was a hell for her. Gopi consoles her. Sameera comes there and says she forgot to feed them cake, how are they feeling back in jail. They must be thinking why she is punishing them without any mistake, they should remember their sin and Modi family will be punished for that.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kokila asks Sameera what did they do that she is troubling them. She says once all her dear ones will be snatched, she will realize her mistake soon, she will snatch Gopi’s lovely son Ramakanth first.