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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ricky puts hand in hot water bucket and shouts in pain. Daimaa runs towards him. He says he put hand in hot water bucket. Daima asks why he is cleaning temple. He says it is Gopi’s order. Gopi passes by and asks what happened. Ricky says there is hot water in bucket. Gopi says she will apply ointment on his hand. Daima says it is okay, she will apply ointment, Gopi can clean temple. Gopi thinks who added hot water in bucket.

Daima applies ointment on Ricky’s hand and asks him to be careful. He says he was drowsy and says Modi family punishes him a lot and he is sure they must have done this to punish him, Jaggi punishes him more and calls him Ricky ticky. Daima leaves. Ricky picks his property papers and thinks he has everything but cannot go back to Singapore. He calls his friend and seeks help.

Meera walks towards Dharam’s room. Bhavani stops her and asks where is she going ignoring her. Meera asks to let her go. Bhavani sees Dharam coming and acts as Meera trying to push her. Dharam rushes and pushes Meera away. Meera tries to speak. Dharam gives her a tight slap. Meera stands in a shock. Dharam shouts if she mad, what if Bhavani had fallen down. Meera leaves crying. Shravan and Vidya go behind her. Bhavani smirks and tells Dharam he should not have slapped Meera. Dharam praises that she is so good and Meera is so bad, she cannot change. Bhavani continues smirking.

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Ricky meets Sameera and asks if she still has an offer of becoming third team member. She says her offer is always open for him. He extends left hand. She asks why left hand and seeing bandage in right hand and apologizes. He says left hand leads towards success. Sameera’s brother joins them.

Gopi goes to Jaggi’s room and forcefully does his leg massage. She sees his toe movin and happily informs him. He says he did not see. She says she saw and asks to try. He tries unsuccessfully. She prays god. He moves his toes. She calls Kokila and others and informs Jaggi’s toe is moving. Kokila thanks god and says Jaggi’s effort and Gop’s hard work is paying off. Sona asks him to tell his other fingers to move. Daima enters and says she was praying god for Jaggi and god heard her prayers.

Meera goes to home temple and reminisces Dharam taking sindhoor from her forehead and telling she lost right on him, Bhavani taunting her, etc.., and cries loudly. Vidya consoles her. Meera cries that she made a mistake of leaving Dharam and children, now Dharam will not take her back. Vidya says papaji is angry on her as he still loves her. She has to give some time to papaji. Meera asks if she is telling truth. Vidya says they have to make Dharam realize that papaji still loves her and kick Bhavani out of their house. Meera says she will not let Bhavani succeed and will do anything for that.

Gopi prays god and bhajan plays in the background. She thanks god for showing improvement in Jaggi’s legs. Daima says he will start walking soon and says she knows to prepare herbal oil with which Jaggi will walk again. Gopi asks to teach her how to prepare it.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi massages Jaggi’s legs with Daima’s herbal recipe oil. Daima thinks whatever Gopi tries, Jaggi will not walk again in life.

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