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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ricky follows Ramesh’s jeep on his skating board and bursts jeep’s tyre with machete. Jeep hits tree. Ramesh says the skating board he is using is fit for begging. Ricky asks why they are behind dumb Seeta, he will get them Singapore girls. Ramesh says he needs only Seeta as he is going to marry her. Ricky jokes that Seeta got such a young handsome man. Ramesh slaps him and his goons kick Ricky. Ramesh then gets knife out. Jaggi continues pulling cycle rickshaw and Gopi pleads to drive fast. Seeta throws mud on goons and they shout mud has ants, it is burning. Ricky cleans Seeta’s hands off ants and runs into jungle to escape from goons.

Divya is about to inform Vidya that Bhavani mixed glass pieces in flour when Gaura comes and she stops. Vidya mixes salt in flour and is about to knead dough when Divya throws salt on table and writes glass pieces from it. Vidya notices it and stops. Gaura returns and asks to prepare raita. Vidya says she will knead dough first and then prepare raita. Bhavani asks Divya to get her tea. Gaura asks Vidya to knead dough soon. Vidya kneads dough and injures her hand. Gaura shows fake concern and takes Vidya along and asks Divya to get haldi and bandage. Divya follows them. Bhavani fumes in anger.

Ramesh scolds his goons that Ricky escaped with Seeta and they just were rubbing eyes. They start searching jungle. Ricky and Seeta run into jungle. Jaggi continues pulling cycle rickshaw. Gopi sees jeep and stops him. Gopi says looks like someone was fighting and Ricky and Seeta were here. She finds Seeta’s anklet and says her doubt was right, they both are in trouble. Jaggi asks her to calm down and calls police. Gopi shouts Seeta. Seeta says they have to get out of jungle and pone Gopi kaki. Ricky says how will they get out of jungle. Goons reach and they both continue running. Seeta smiles looking at Ricky’s face and says goons left, let us go now. He holds her hand and she gets more happy.

Divya gets juice for Vidya. Vidya asks why did she come, go.. Divya asks why did she injure herself even after warning. Vidya says she had to to prove Bhavani wrong. Divya she bled a lot. Vidya says to protect her family, she can shed her last drop of blood.

At Modi bhavan, Kokila tells Parag that she is worried about Ricky and Seeta. Parag says not to worry, they will be found. Urmila walks limping and asks if they are found. Kokila says police is searching them. Police reaches and starts searching them. Jaggi consoles Gopi not to worry. Ricky and Seeta continue running and relax thinking they escaped from goon. Ramesh throws knife and goons surround them. Ramesh says he is more intelligent than them.

A woman calls Kokila and apologizes her for badmouthing about Ricky. Kokila says she should be apologetic. Woman says she did not want to hurt anyone and has decided to award Gopi with woman entrepreneur of the year.

Ricky and Seeta run and goons surround them. Ricky lifts Seeta and asks her to kick goons. They run again. Gopi and Jaggi continue calling Seeta, Ricky. Goon injures Seeta’s hand and beats Ricky next. Gopi gets tired and sits, says she feels Ricky and Seeta’s lives are in danger. Jaggi says god will protect them. Ricky and Seeta run again and hide behind bushes. Ramesh orders goons to search them. Seeta sees honey web over goons and throws stone on it. Bees bite goons and they run away. They both get happy.

Precap: Seeta tries to jump and pick mango. Ricky lifts her. Seeta ties her dupatta on Ricky’s wound.

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