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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Urmila with Pari and Mona enters Bhavani’s house as dancers. On stage, she announces her dance loudly and they all 3 dance to a rock music. Goons enjoy their dance. Tolu and Molu with their car wait outside house and discuss that Gopi and team should have come by now. Jaggi clears all guards and with Gopi and Sona is about to take Seeta out when he sees Seeta’s father watching them and goes back to room. A goon walks towards Seeta’s room with Ramesh’s gifted bangles for Seeta. Seeta’s father takes bangles and sends him. He then blesses Seeta and sends her with Jaggi and team. Urmila, Paria and Mona continue dancing with clients.

Jaggi, Seeta, and Sona are about to leave silently when Bhavani pulls rope and stops them. All her goons surround. Ramesh comes and asks wat is Seeta doing with these people. Bhavani says Seeta is eloping again. Ramesh asks who is this beard man. Bhavani removes Jaggi’s beard and mustache and says he came in as tail less monkey to save Seeta. Jaggi says it is hurting. Argument starts. Bhavani tries t o hit Gopi, but Jaggi stops her laathi. Bhavani continues tongue lashing and tries to drag Seeta. Gopi stops her. Bhavani says she will get Seeta married to Ramesh and asks goons to Seeta and others to a room and search all around as she feels there are other people also.

Urmila , Mona and Pari walk out silently. Tolu and Molu ask where is Gopi and others. Urmila says they are caught, so we escaped somehow. They all reach home and wait for them to return.

Bhavani with her goons take Gopi and team to a room and asks goons to check everyone as they may have hidden mobile phones. Jaggi hides mobile under his kurta and starts laughing silently. Urmila calls Jaggi and phone glows. Gopi notices it and standing in front of Jaggi scolds him that he is always in jovial mood. Once Bhavani and her goons walk out, Jaggi picks call and Sona asks what happened. He tells her whole story. Gopi sees goons coming and hugs Jaggi tightly. Jaggi is surprised. Gopi apologizes for being harsh and asks if he is hurt. He says no and enjoys her hug.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Bhavani warns Pandit to finish marriage in min. Seeta comes and sits next to Ramesh. Jaggi and Gopi look helplessly.

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