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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sameera challenges Kokila and Gopi that Modis will pay for their sins. Kokila asks what did they and what is she up to. Sameera says she will snatch all her dear ones and will start with Ricky, then Sahir, Jaggi, etc. Kokila pleads to take whatever she wants and spare her family, she can harm her instead. Sameera says she was waiting to see her helplessness since long. Gopi shouts next why she is doing all this. Sameera repeats she will destroy whole Modi family. Kokila repeats to take whatever she wants and spare her family. Sameera she snatches whatever she wants and does not request. She says Ricky is completely under control and she will destroy him first. Repeat dialogue game continues. Sameera leaves. Gopi gets worried for Ricky.

Dharam pulls out Meera from ground and rescues her (with no mud stains on clothes or body even after being buried alive). He and Vidya shake Meera to wake up, but she does not. Bhavai smirks thinking Meera is dead. Inspector checks Meera’s pulse and says her pulse is off. Dharam and Vidya cry more and shake her. Meera revives. Dharam and Vidya get happy. Inspector arrests Bhavani and drags her away. Dharam then prays with Meera at home temple. Vidya serves them sooji halwa. Dharam feeds Meera. Family bonding continues.

Meera calls Modi bhavan and speaks to Urmila. She asks Urmila to give phone to maa and daadi. Urmila nervously says they have gone out and left phone at home. Jaggi takes phone and says nothing is alright, Gopi and Kokila are in jail and describes whole story. Meera is shattered and asks Dharam to save maa and daadi. She tells Vidya they will not spare whoever harmed maa and daadi.

Kokila and Gopi stand in que and take food. Bhavani wearing veil comes and snatches Gopi’s food. Kokila asks what is she doing. Gopi stops and says she is not hungry. Kokila says she should not skip food and gets up to bring food. Bhavani snatches even her thali. Gopi shouts what the hell. Bhavani gives he a tight slap. Kokila shouts who is she hiding in veil, show her face if she dares to. Bhavani removes her veil and laughs that their bad days have come.

Jaggi and Seeta come to meet Gopi and Kokila. Gopi hides her face in veil. Jaggi insists and is shocked to see fingerprints on her face. Kokila describes whole story. Jaggi fumes he will not spare Bhavani. Gopi asks him to calm down and not do any mistake. Lawyer comes to take Gopi and Kokila’s statements. Jaggi and Seeta. Seeta tells constable that her mother Bhavani is here and she wants to meet her. Constable returns and says Bhavani does not want to meet her. She apologizes Jaggi for her mother’s heinous act. Jaggi asks why she is apologizing, it is not her mistake, they have to somehow bail out Gopi and Kokila.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pinku dances and tells Sameera that he is so happy he cannot describe. Sameera says this is just a trailer, wait and watch a full movie. Jaagi grips Pinku’s neck. Seeta asks him to leave Pinku.