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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2017 video watch online on

Kokila in jail is shocked seeing Vidya being brought as prisoner. She calls constable and asks what did they girl do, why she is brought here. Constable asks why she wants to know. Kokila pleads. Constable says she murdered Chanda and leaves. Kokila stands in a shock, how can Vidya murder anyone, she has to meet her.

Gopi gives a room to Seeta and says she can call her if she needs anything. Jaggi comes and tells that he informed maa that they brought Seeta home. He sees Seeta sitting tensely and says he told maa about Bhavani that she is evil queen, mom could not speak but seems happy. Seeta hears window fluttering, runs and closes it. Jaggi gives her water. Gopi asks why she is so much tensed. Seeta says what if they come back to take her, she does not want them in trouble again. Gopi says nothing will happen. Jaggi says she in his house and if someone even touches her, he does not know what he will do. She is safe here. Gopi asks to stop crying as Jaggi kaka does not like women crying. Jaggi mimics and asks to smile now. Jai comes with Tolu, Sona and Seeta/Geeta and says his sisters always smile and even Seeta should. Seeta smiles and hugs him. Gopi hopes maaji should have been here.

Kokila cries reminisces Vidya as prisoner and Gaura warning that she will burst her house with a bomb. Vidya continues crying in her jail cell reminiscing pushing Chanda, burning her body, etc.

Gaura chants bhajan in front of home temple how she sent Kokila to jail, Meera out of house, and choti chatanki to jail.. She thanks ambe maa for helping her. Dharam and Shravan enter and seeing their shadow she starting acting and crying and prays god to listen to her prayer, else she will continue beating dhol till her hands pain. Dharam consoles her. Gaura says she cannot see children crying for their mother and is praying god to send back Vidya home. Dharam gets a call and tells lawyer wants to meethim right now and walks out.

In the morning, Jai gets brownies to Seeta and tells papa brought them and asks to warm them in oven.

Gaura seeing Dharam and Shravn returning asks babies to sleep as their papa and bhaiya are bringing back maa and maasi. Dharam and Shravan sit on sofa. Gaura asks what did lawyer say. Dahram says he will apply for bail, asks her to go and rest, he will take care of babies. Gaura thinks Vidya gets bail so early, how will daadi and poti meet, Vidya should know that she has planted bombs in modi bhavan.

Seeta takes brownies to kitchen and asks Mona what is macrova. Mona says it is microwave and shows it. Seeta asks how to use it, she has to warm these brooni. Mona ways it is brownies and asks to turn the knob, first keep them in plate and switch on oven. Seeta keeps brownies in plate and then in oven. Mona smirks, asks to set 4 minute timer and leaves saying now the fun begins. Seeta gets confused which button to use and increases temperature to max.

Bhavani reminisces Ramesh telling that there was boy under ghungut and not Seeta. She shouts Gopi and Jaggi insulted her and took away Seeta, she will not spare them. She calls her goons and asks to bring her gun. She holds gun and asks if it is loaded or not. Goon says it is loaded. Her husband takes gun. She shouts who is it, then says this is not herbal paste, he will collapse with its weight. Husband asks to listen to him. She says he should listen to her instead. Pandit standing away signals him not to give it. Husband says she worked hard to become sarpanch and he does not want her to ruin her name with a small mistake. Bhavani says she did not let stain on her face, forget her dignity, she is 21 village sarpanch, it is her gun and bullet. Husband says it will end her political career. She says he can forgo gun, but how to forgo Seeta. Husband says she should concentrate on elections and once results are out, she can thinking of it. Bhavani says he is right, but she will not spare Seeta and Jaggi/Gopi.

Jai enters kitchen and ass Seeta if brownies are ready. She says yes. Oven bursts. Everyonne run towards kitchen hearing blast sound.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Modi family rushes into kitchen and is shocked to see fire all around kitchen.

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