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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vidya confronts Gaura that she sent her to Modi bhavan purposefully and thought she will be upset and fight with her family after hearing truth, but she did not realize that Gopi is her mother forever and she will not Gaura’s evil plans succeed.

Ricky draws Gopi’s sketch and tells ladies that Gopi is a murderer, she killed her own sister. Jaggi warns to shut his mouth. Ricky warns him to shut his mouth instead, else he will punish him. He continues that Gopi and her second hand husband kidnapped and brought him here from Singapore. Jaggi warns again that he will not hear anything against Gopi. Kokila tells Ricky that he has misconception against Gopi. Ricky says her daughter is a thief. Sona warns not to badmouth about Gopi. Ricky says Gopi is a witch in his life, his life has gone worse than a dog’s life. He continues that Gopi has given him a 30-day challenge and wants to defeat her son and become mother India in front of whole world. He draws money and says people gamble with money, but Gopi modi gambles with relationships. Women ask to reply Ricky, they thought Modi family is tightly knitted family, but hearing the truth, Gopi is not entitled to become woman icon of the year and her family is not invited for the function. Kokila says enough now and sends Ricky in. She lashes Gopi that Ricky made mistake, even Gopi is at mistake by not confronting women when they called her son a fake coin. Jaggi asks she is taking Ricky’s side instead of Gopi. Kokila continue shouting that it takes ages for a person to change, but they want to change in days, it will take a lot of time, and she will change her grandson.

Bhavani distributes clothes and money to poor men and tells Gaura that she has to do this during election. Gaura asks how will they teach Vidya a lesson. A woman Divya Mehta walks in with 2 puppets and beggars praise that their life is settled now.. Woman gives money to beggars and walks in. Her puppets praise that Divya Mehta is Kutch’s family business man Kantilal Mehta’s daughter. Gaura sys she knows Kantilal Mehta well and he has 2 sons and not daughters. Puppets tell pandit that Divya wants to submit gold jewelry to Kanhaji. Panditji takes them to locker. Puppets say he needs to tie holi tread to Divya’s hand first and takes him away. Divya changes fake jewelry with real one and escapes. Pandit shouts woman stole real jewelry and escaped. Divya/Imli gives money to her puppets and asks them to escape. She then runs and people follow her. She jumps and escapes and then hides on tree.

Ricky goes to Gopi and says he needs money. She gives him 5000 rs. He says he needs more. She thinks maaji told not to argue with him and says she will give 2000 rs more. He says he needs 20,000 rs. She gives him moral gyaan that he has to tell why he needs 20,000 rs. He yells because of her rude and controlling attitude, children get away from her and then she blames on children instead.

Precap: During garba match, Gopi taunts if he is feeling defeated. Ricky says striking 2 sticks is not a dance. She challenges him for garba and he wins.

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