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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Chanda holds baby and threatens Gaura and Vidya to return property papers, else she will throw baby away. Vidya snatches baby and gives it to Gaura. Chanda tries to snatch baby. Gaura says it is not her baby and Vidya warns her. Chanda shouts still Meera is under her grip and tries to snatch baby. Vidya pushes her and she hits her head to a pillar and collapses down. Blood starts flowing out of her forehead. Gaura goes and keeps baby in, comes out and checks Chanda’s pulse and says she is dead.

Jaggi sees Gopi tensed and says now girl got a room and everything to stay here. Gopi says Seeta seems very distress with the traumatic events in her life. Jaggi says Seeta is under her guidance and is safe.

Vidya worriedly shakes Chanda and asks to wake up. Gaura says

she is dead. Vidya starts crying she just pushed her. Gaura says if she had not killed her, she would have killed babies, she did not do wrong. Vidya says she did wrong and killed Chanda. Gaura says she should forget it as a bad dream and keep it as secret whole life. Vidya cries no….Gaura says before someone comes here, they need to hide dead body. Vidya cries more. Gaura says Chanda is orphan and they need not worry, asks her to take babies in while she hides Chanda’s dead body.

Seeta gets afraid when window opens with air. She reminisces her mother torturing her.

Vidya takes babies into her room and makes them sleep next to Priyal. She walks out of room and cries reminiscing how she pushed Chanda. Gaura finds papers on floor and picks them. She She drags Chanda’s body holding her leg.

Gopi walks towards Seeta’s room. Jaggi stops her and asks where is she going. Gopi says she wants to check if Seeta is fine. Jaggi says Seeta if fine and she feeds her 4-5 times a day, she will be more healthy. They both try to walk and clash. Gopi says what is this. Jaggi says he is going to his mother’s room and she to Seeta’s room, both room are nearby, so let us go.

Seeta looks at god’s photo and prays to protect her. Veeru comes to her room and Seeta says one should not lie in life. Veeru gives her god’s photo and says god will help her. Jaggi and Gopi enter and smile seeing this.

Gaura takes Chanda body to Chanda’s room and takes thumb prints on property papers and says thank you, whatever she could not do alive, she did it after death. She will enjoy bother and Chanda’s happiness. Chanda gets up and strangulates her neck shouting she will not spare her now. Vidya walks towards room calling Baaji. Chanda continues strangulating Gaura. Gaura picks pillow and suffocates Chanda. Chanda dies finally. Gaura shuts her eyes and sits on bed. Vidya enters saying she made babies sleep and panics seeing Vidya’s dead body. Gaura asks her to relax, they have to take dead boy on wheelchair and bury it in backyard. Chanda shouts she cannot do this. Gaura says she saved Meera’s life and asks her to go and clean blood on floor soon. Vidya leaves crying. Gaura smirks.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Gaura with Vidya digs ground and drops Chanda into hole, keeps wood on dead body and burns it.

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