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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kokila after beating constable and criminal inmate apologizes god for taking law in her hand. She silently walks out and sees other constables around. She hides and walks till door and sees people carrying god’s idol for mahashivratri festival. She realizes today is shivratri and prays god.

At Modi bhavan, Urmila tells Gopi that she has booked pandit for shivratri pooja. Gopi sipping tea says she did right. Urmila says Kokila likes shivratri a lot. She tells Jaggi that thye have to go to meet maaji today. Seeta asks them to drop her near temple as she does abhishek on every shivratri. Gopi says even they feed Brahmins.

Kokila silently runs out of jail. Puppet constable wakes up and sees kokila has already escaped. She wakes up criminal inmate and informs that Kokila escaped. She then goes out and informs other constables that Kokila escaped. They all run out searching her. Kokila runs holding slippers in her hand and thinks if people see her jail sari, they will realize she ran from jail and continues running hiding her face.

Jaggi with Gopi and Seeta drives car towards temple. He stops due to jam. Seeta panics reminiscing Bhavani calling her and frightening and requests Gopi to be with her in temple. Gopi asks Jaggi to be with Seeta, while she goes to jail to meet Kokila. Police jeep halts next to their car. Gopi rays god to do miracle and free her maaji.

Kokila sees a scooter with key in and escapes on it. Owner watches her stealing his scooter and shouts for help. He stops police jeep and tells a woman stole his scooter. Inspector asks how does woman look like. Owner says he did not see her face, but she was wearing white sari with blue border. Inspector realizes it is Kokila and rushes. Kokila continues driving and scooter stops after petrol gets over. Kokila sees jeep coming and mingles among temple devotees.

Gopi and Seeta reach temple. Seeta sees people giving milk to feed snake and tells snake does not drink milk, they should feed it to poor children instead. Gopi reminisces telling same to Kokila once and says she will get milk. Kokila mingles among devotees and sees police searching her. She smears her face with kum kum and prays god to save her from police. Police leaves without noticing her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Constable sees Kokila and follows her. She hides behind Jaggi’s car and sees Jaggi getting into temple.

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