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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Lights go off when Seeta/Sia Kapoor is asked a question by judges. Sia gets tensed. Jaggi asks her to relax. Judges ask her to wait for sometime. Someone keeps candles in front of her. Sameera thinks she looks a bit like Seeta. She speaks in Hindi and says if they permit she will continue in Hindi itself. Judge asks her to go ahead. She tells both men and women are 2 sides of a coin, but are equal and cannot be compared. Both man and woman run a house together. A woman brings a child in the world, but a father takes care of it and protects it. Both are 2 railway tracks, without them train of life cannot move ahead, without them this world is incomplete. Everyone clap for her. Sameeera fumes in jealousy. Urmila praises that their Seeta is rocking. Jaggi says he trained her.

Kokila and Gopi thank god. Pinks comments that Sia is so hot. Sameera notices Pinks and Ricky looking at Sia and fume more. Ricky says Sia is beautiful, but he will clear his doubt for sure.

Host says it is time to announce the winner, and the winner is….Pinks, Ricky and other Sameera’s supporters chant her name. Host announces Sameera as runner up. Sameera freezes in anger. She then announces the winner is…..Miss Sia. Kokila and Gopi get very happy seeing Seeta/Sia being crowned. Sameera and her team frown in jealousy. Host asks Sia if she wants to give speech in Hindi. Sia says she is not the real winner of this trophy, Sameera is..Sameera is surprised. Sia tells judge if Sameera had not fallen because of her, Sameeera would have won the contest, so she has the real right on trophy. She crowns Sameera. Sameera says she knew she would win this award. Judge asks guests to applaud or Sia who forgo her trophy for Sia. Kokila tells Gopi that their Seeta won.

Meera serves tea to Dahram’s friend Karan. Karan gets angry. Dharam asks if they know each other. Karan says she is the one who insulted him in temple. Meera apologizes and requests not to cancel deal with Dharam because of her. He says he will cancel it.

Sameera with her team reaches Modi bhavan and says let us go in silently and find out if Seeta is really in, if she is not, then she is acting as Sia. Ricky says he just hopes he was not Seeta, she was so hot. Sameera opens door via duplicate key and finds no one around.

Meera continues requesting Karan not to cancel deal with Dharam. Karan says on one condition, she will prepare his favorite sooji halwa for him. Dharam laughs and says Karan was just pulling he legs. Karan says his and Dharam’s friendship is not that weak. He says Meera is as Dharam told, arrogant. Meera fumes. Dharam says Karan will stay with them for some days and goes to sleep. Karan asks Meera to keep his luggage in his room. She says they have man servants for that, his luggage will reach his room.

Sameera shouts that Sita is not here, that means she is Seeta was acting as Sia, she will not spare her. If someone else had won, she would have tolerated, Seeta won against her. Seeta comes and asks if they called her. Pinks comments Seeta is so innocent, she cannot become Sia even in 7 lives. Jaggi enters via window, but Urmila gets stuck She tries hard. Daima asks water and Pinks ice tea, which he himself will prepare. Seeta says she will prepare. He laughs that she may prepare milk tea and add ice. He walks towards kitchen. She loudly asks not to mess up kitchen. Pinks walks without noticing Jaggi and Urmila. Jaggi relaxes.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi sees Kokila having high fever and requests guard to call doctor. Guard says not need to call doc, let her rest and get well.

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