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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Seeta tells Jaggi that Samera spoilt their party, now they will spoilt Sameera’s party. It is Sameera’s party, but they will enjoy it at the end and make sure Gopi and Kokila’s sorrows also end. Jaggi says she is right, party will be Sameera’s, but they will be praised.

Ricky takes care of Sameera’s party arrangements and orders DJ to play Sameera’s taste music. Jaggi in his room fumes that he will teach Ricky, Pinks, and Sameera nice lesson. He hears Seeta knocking door and telling Urmila called them to discuss further plan in backyard. Seeta hears Jaggi telling same. They both walk towards backyard. Seeta says Sameera invited Sia, so they have to do something. Urmila also joins them and asks why did they call her. Seeta says Jaggi called her, Jaggi says Seeta called him here, Urmila says they both. A trap lifts them and they are tied to a tree. All 3 panic. Sameera with Pinks watching from window and laughs that these jokers want to attend my party, why will I let my guests know that I stay with gawar/uncultured people. Jaggi, Seeta and Urmila try to free themselves unsuccessfully. Seeta panics that she has to attend party as Sia.

Kokla prays god whole night. Gopi says she is ill and should rest. Kokila explains the value of prayers and starts chating mantras. Bhavani thinks of spoiling prayers and goes to circuit room to switch off lights. She holds fuse and gets electric shock. Kokila continues chanting mantras.

Sameera continues waiting for Sia. Ricky says she will not come as Sia is Seeta and is hanging in a trap now. Seeta on the other side panics that she has to go, else Sameera will doubt her. Jaggi injures his hand trying to break trap, but unable to. Seeta says god will help us. Jaggi sees his kada/bangle cutting rope and says god helped us. He cuts trap and escapes with Seeta and Urmila. Samera sends Pinks to check if Seeta is still hanging. Urmila comes disguised as waiter and serves alcohol mixed cocktail to Pinks. Pinks get heavily inebriated. He walks out and sees trap still hanging and cannot see properly under inebriation. Sameera waits for long and says now it is proved Sia is Seeta. Sia enter wearing a beautiful gown. People praise now wonder she won contest easily. Sameera fumes. Urmila serves more cocktail to Pinks.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sia wears mask disguised as Sameera and asks inebriated Pinku why was he telling Sia how they sent Kokila and Gopi into jail Pinks says he was about to tell her about gun powder smeared dupatta, but stopped. Sameera returns and sees Pinks talking to someone else.

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