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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gopi cries seeing Ricky’s misbehavior. Jaggi and Kokila ask her to be courageous. She sees Ricky walking puffing cig and stops him, says if he wants to go from here, he can, but she has a condition. She brings Antara’s property papers and says if she fails to change him from Ricky to Ramakanth, she will transfer all the property to his name and he can leave back to Singapore happily. Ricky takes papers and says she is very overconfident. Gopi says she has 30 days and she trusts kanhaji. Ricky says challenge accepted, nobody in the world can change him. Jaggi takes papers back and says he is accepting Gopi Modi’s challenge and she will change him automatically. Ricky says he will get back all his property after 30 days. Gopi says if he fails, he will have to stay back here forever. Ricky says okay, but her dream will be dream forever.

Jaggi hangs property file in home temple. Gopi prays god that Gopi is already tensed and with 1 more challenge, she needs more courage to face all her challenges.

Dharam burns Meera items. Vidya pleads not to do this. Jaggi continues dropping his wedding ring, Meera and his photos, etc., and says he wants to to forget Meera. Vidya says he will burn his hand. Dharam says his heart is already burning. Shravan says he loves Meera. Dharam says he was. Shraan says this is madness. Dharam asks then what about Meera, she insisted to have baby and forcefully got him married to Chanda for that, now she left children and him alone. He will not let her ruin their lives again. Gaura asks to calm down. Dharam says there is only one way now, he wants to remarry in 24 hours.

Gopi keeps Ahem’s photo in her room and promises photo that she will force Ramakanth to adapt to their family. Jaggi comes and asks to stop crying. She says she thought he wanted to take Ahem’s place, but she was wrong, so she apologizes him. He says there is no need for apology. She sees Ricky passing by with beer can and cig and says she has to change Ramakanth in 30 days.

Ricky goes to his room and boasts that Gopi does not have any idea whom she challenged, he will ruin her house. Jaggi sends Jai and Veeru in and they ask Ricky to play with them and pester him. He shoos them away and walks into washroom. Jaggi enters with Gopi and adds vomiting inducing injection in beer cans. They both lave silently. Ricky returns and opens beer can. Seeta enters his room. Ricky scolds why she enters his room without invitation, if she did not learn manners. She starts weeping. He offers beer and she leaves. He then picks his mobile and reminisces he video recorded Gopi and Ricky’s plan in his absence and laughs that they are fools.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Ricky alleges Jaggi that he mixed something in his beer cans. Jaggi denies. Ricky asks to drink beer and prove it. Jaggi drinks beer and imagines everyone as cartoons.

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