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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Vidya confronts Gaura that she will not let her succeed in her evil acts. Gaura pushes her towards cupboard and Vidya drops bomb report. Gaura picks it and asks Vidya if her daadi/Kokila told who all she killed. Vidya says. Gaura says she killed Ahem as Kokila killed her innocent brother. Vidya says her daadi did not kill her brother, Gaura has gone mad that she is killing everyone. Gaura beats her and says she will kill whole Modi family now. Vidya resists. Gaura continues beating Vidya.

In Modi bhavan, Pari and Mona see discount sales ad in news paper and discuss they have to diet for 1 year to get into these skimpy clothes. Bhavani calls on landline and introduces herself as Seeta’s friend and asks to give phone to her. Mona calls Seeta and gives phone to her. Bhavani speaks and Seeta panics. Bhavani says her life is going to end soon and she is stepping towards her end, she should count her days now. Seeta goes to room shivering. Gopi comes and asks why she is looking so tensed. Seeta reminisces Bhavani’s words and shivers again. Jai and Veeru come and ask her to give them food and she takes them out Gopi thinks why Seeta is looking so tensed.

Gaura ties Vidya to a chair and says she will kill whole Modi family now and will fix garlands on their photos. Kokila will hear this news and will suicide in jail. Vidya says no no…Gaura applies tape on her mouth and mimics as news journalist reading Kokila’s death news.

Jaggi enters room and seeing Gopi walking in room thinks she is thinking something now. Gopi says Seeta looks very tensed, something has happened. Seeta serves food to Jai and Veeru and say she will clean home temple. In Dharam’s house, Vidya tries to free herself and sees knife on table. Seeta cleans temple and prays god that she cannot tell her problem to Gopi and god should solve her problem. She then reads bhagavat geeta that soul is immortal and nobody can harm it, etc. She thanks god for giving solution to her problem. She says she will involve Gopi kaki in her problem, but if need be take her assistance; just like kanhaji guided Arjun, Gopi kaaki will guide her. She then takes out box to clean, under which bomb is fixed. Jai and Veeru come fighting that the ink bottle is theirs. Seeta asks to share bottle, else it will break. They fight and drop ink on box. Gopi and Jaggi come and ask who dropped ink. Seeta says it fell by mistake. Jaggi says change mangu must have dropped it and takes them out. Seeta cleans box and asks Gopi what is in it. Gopi says they keep prasad in it and asks her to go and keep it out, she will get other old items also there, asks why she is looking tensed. Seeta says she had problem, but kanhaji solved it.

Precap: Seeta takes bomb b ox out and keep it in backyard. Gaura comes and thinks she implanted 2 bombs at home and presses remote. Bomb explodes in backyard. Seeta shouts maa…

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