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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

While having dinner with whole family, Kokila tells they have to handle Ramakanth/Ricky with love and should use even other means to get him on track. Ricky comes down shouting at Jaggi and yells why did he tamper beer bottles. Jaggi asks what does that mean. Ricky asks why did he mix something in beer. Jaggi says he did not. Ricky asks to drink beer and prove it. Jaggi takes beer can. Gopi warns not to, else he will get vomiting. Jaggi says he will not as he mixed other medicine. He drinks beer and imagines everyone as cartoons. He falls down. Everyone asks if he is fine.

He starts dancing and acting like snake on Mai teri dushman..dushman tu mera…song… Urmila says he got snake soul now. Gopi gets concerned. Ricky says they could not tamper real beer bottles and the one they tampered is in Gopi’s husband’s stomach. Jaggi continues dancing and acting weird. Urmila asks what is he doing. Jaggi says he is jumping a mountain. Gopi asks Ricky what did he mix in beer. Kokila also insists. Ricky says he mixed more powerful drink in Jaggi’s beer and now they will enjoy snake dance. He own his first bet. Jaggi continues jokergiri, dancing and jumping around.

Vidya tells Shravan that she knows Meera did wrong, but papaji is also doing wrong. Shravan says if anyone would have been in papa’s place, even they would have done same. Vidya says Meera was under Bhavani’s grip for such a long time, she must have brainwashed Meera. Shravan says papaji needs a partner who can understand him and take care of babies. Vidya hopes Gaura does not play foul.

Jaggi continues acting weird. Urmila asks to be careful. Jaggi says he is fine and continues. Gopi roughens him angrily and says he should not have had beer. Jaggi falls down and injures his forehead. Gopi gets concerned and asks Shahir to call doc.

Bhavani meets Gaura and tells she has girl Sarika for Dharam and knows her since years. They both exchange sweets. Bhavani says Sarika will make Dharam dance to her tunes and they will make Sarika dance to their tunes. She asks Gaura why she is troubling her own family. Gaura says she realized money and power is more important, so she is ready to sacrifice even her family for that. Bhavani thinks Gaura is very dangerous, when she can harm her family, she can harm anyone. Priyal shows her broken doll to Vidya. Vidya tries to fix it. Gaura comes out and says let it be, broken things cannot be fixed. She will get a new living doll for dharam now. Bhavani backs her.

Doc treats inebriated Jaggi. Ricky continues boasting about himself that he is more dangerous than they are, etc. Inspector comes and arrests Ricky for harming Jaggi. Ricky shouts he knows law better and inspector cannot arrest him. Inspector says he got warrant against him and handcuffs. Ricky asks Modis to show their love for him and get him free. They all stand silently.

Precap: Inspector forces Ricky to drink bittergourd juice. Gopi comes to bail out Ricky. Jaggi tells Ricky that they have a condition before bailing him out.

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