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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 video watch online on

Vidya tries free herself. She sees knife on table, pulls mat with her leg, picks knife and frees herself. She runs down to inform Gopi and sees there is no battery in her mobile. She sees even landline is dead and thinks baaji/Gaura must have done it. She prays god to not send Gaura to Modi bhavan until she reaches there.

Kokila in jail reminisces Gaura’s words if she taes her name even by mistake, she will kill her whole family. Constable sees her food plate intact and scolds to have food, else she will not get food. Kokila says okay and thinks something is wrong, if Gaura came to know that Vidya knows her secret. Vidya traveling in auto towards Modi bhavan and asks driver to give his mobile. He says he does not have. She asks to stop near a PCO. Kokila keeps food aside and prays god that help Vidya get bomb remote and save family.

Jaggi takes Jai and Veeru to kitchen and asks why they get so hungry, just 5 min ago they had food. Gopi enters and says she will prepare juice for them. Veeru asks where is Seeta. Gopi says she has gone out and will be back. Seeta takes bomb fixed box to backyard and keep it with wood logs. Gaura standing near balcony thinks which bomb to burst, one is in kitchen and one is in temple, thinks of bursting kitchen one. Jai and Veeru drop water on kitchen bomb trying to snatch water bottle and bomb diffuses. Gaura presses remote, but bomb does not explode. Seeta walks away keeping temple box among wooden logs and stands praying. Gaura thinks her puppet told he fixed bomb in temple. Vidya reaches and tries to stop Gaura, but Gaura presses remote and bomb explodes in backyard Whole Modi bhavan shakes due to bomb explosion. They all walk out to check. Vidya tries to shout, but Gaura shuts her mouth and boasts she saw what she can do. She tought bomb will explode inside home, but it exploded outside. She can explode many bombs at home. Whole modi walks out calling Seeta. Gopi sees Seeta on floor, runs and picks her and sees her severely injured and unconscious. She asks Jaggi to do something, call doctor. Jaggi says let us take her in first. They all walk in. Gaura does not let Vidya speak. Urmila walks towards burning wood and sees Gaua’s earring on floor, picks it and walks in. Gaur realizes her earring is missing.

Gopi nurses Seeta’s injuries and shakes her asking to wake up and speak. Veeru and Jai discuss why didi is not speaking. Pari yells since Seeta came to his house, only bad is happening. Mona says this is bomb and they could have died. Jaggi scolds that they are so shameless. Sona says who must hae done this Urmila walks in and says she knows who did it and shows earring. Jaggi says it is Bahvani’s. Urmila says only Bhavani can do this. Gopi says Bhavani wants to kill Seeta.

Gaura holds Vidya and says her grip is stronger than python grip, she cannot escape. Vidya resist unsuccessfully. Gaura leaves her and says she can to and inform Modi family, but then she will lose her Meera di. Vidya asks where is di. Gaura says she is not a fool like her. She implanted bomb with great difficulty and it did not explode at all, she is very disappointed. Not to worry, she will explode Meera now. Vidya pleads not to harm Meera. Gaura laughs what happened now. Vidya holds her legs and pleads to spare her sister, she will not inform anyone. Gaura says if she had done this, they would not have wasted so much time, she should not open her mouth in front of Dharam and Shravan. She gets into car and pushes Vidya and asks to come walking. Vidya thinks she has to find out about Meera somehow, Daadi may know the clue.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopi tells Jaggi they will go to police station. Seeta comes. Gopi asks if someone was around when bomb exploded. Seeta says no one was there, temple box had exploded.

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