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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dharam and Shravan wait for Vidya and Gaura eagerly. Shravan says vidya is not picking call at all. Dharam says even Baa is not picking, what is happening. Bhavani laughs hearing about bomb blast at Modi bhavan. Her puppet goon says Seeta was very near the blast and he is sure she would have died. Bhavani laughs that her problem is solved forever. Seeta’s father hears that and prays god to protect his daughter.

Doctor checks Seeta and comes out. Gopi asks if Seeta is fine. Doc says yes and tells her about remedy and leaves. Jaagi angrily calls his friend and asks to gather all their friends, they have to go and teach someone a lesson. Gopi says he will not do anything. Jaggi says Bhavani blasted bomb in their house and he will not spare her. Gopi says let us go to police

station and complain her. Seeta comes and Gopi asks how did bomb blast. Seeta says bomb was in temple box. Jaggi says it should be in temple box. Seeta panics that maayi wants to kill everyone because of her. She says Gopi that maayi had called her and warned. Gopi asks why did not she inform her. Jaggi says he will teach her a lesson. Gopi asks him to calm down and asks Seeta not to hide anything from her heron and asks Sona to take Seeta to her room.

Gaura munching food speaks to constable and asks not to trouble her. Constable asks when will she receive her money. Gaura says she will receive soon. Constable asks what to do with Kokila. Gaura orders her to torture Kokila. Constable says she will send another inmate to torture Kokila, but her name should not come in all this. Gaura says okay and yells she cannot even eat after becoming queen of this house.

Inspector goes to Bhavani and showing earring asks if it is her. Bhavani asks what happened. Inspector says there was a bomb blast happened aat Modi bhavan and they found this earring on the spot. Bhavani says she goes to Modi bhavan to meet her daughter, asks to give her earring and find out some real solid proof. Inspector gives earring and leaves. Bhavani’s husband asks if she made that blast. Bhavani says she did not, but god heard her prayers, she will find out who the real culprit and befriend her.

Dharam asks Gaura if Vidya informed where she went. Gaura says no, does notknow where she went. Babies start crying and Gaura goes to attend them. Vidya walks in shattered. Shravan asks where was she. Dharam asks what happened to her. Vidya reminisces Gaura’s words and says papaji..shravanji. Gaura comes and shows fake concern and asks what happened to her. Vidya says she had gone to temple. Shravan asks why her clothes are crimpled. Gaura says she must have fallen and gripping her tightly asks to go and have food.

Gaura’s puppet constable gets another inmate in Kokila’s call. Kokila pleads constable to let her speak to her daughter. Constable yells and leaves. Inmate shows wooden rod. Kokila says it is police wooden rod, who is she and how did she get it. Inmate beats her. Kokila pushes. Inmate says Gaura sent a message that she and her family will die now. Kokila gets worried for family. Inmate starts beating her again. She shouts Gopi. Gopi feels Kokila’s plea and prays kanhaji to protect her maaji. She starts reading bhagvat geeta. Criminal inmate continues beating Kokila. Bhajan plays in the background. Rod breaks. Criminal strangulates her neck and says she escaped now, will come back and punish her again. Gopi continues praying god to protect her maaji.

In the morning, Vidya goes to meet Kokila and sees her sitting in dark. She calls Daadi. Koila walks limping and writhing in pain. Vidya asks how did she get injured. Constable says she slipped while cleaning.

Precap: Vidya says constable that Kokila daadi is allergic to certain medications and writes prescription on paper, silently keeps a note under Kokila’s feet. Kokila reads it and thinks it is time to convey truth to Jaggi and Gopi.

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