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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Kokila continues taunting Kokila and tells her tears are showing that she will not confront. Many prisoners suicide due to fear of defamation, if she is thinking same, all the best. She walks away.

Trespasser girl cleans Jai and Veeru’s bed room and prepares their bed. They both enter and she hides behind cutains. They discuss who must have done this, whoever it is, they did good. Sona enters their room and are surprised to see room clean and tidy. Sahir also enters and praises that only his children can be so efficient, he will get them ice cream. Sona asks where are Seeta and Geeta. He says downstairs and runs towards them. Sona goes out to bring snacks for Jai and Veeru. Jai sees curtain shaking and checks, but finds no one.

Vidya takes care of Meera’s

babies. Dharam gets emotional that they got a bad fate, their mother has gone missing. Vidya consoles not to worry, didi will return soon. Dharam hopes so and says it is difficult to stay without Meera.

Sona brings milk and fruits for Jai and Veeru and asks them to finish it. They say they just finished food. She says they had food 1 hour ago and asks t get their homework books. Girl silently comes out of cupboard, picks apple and gets back into cupboard. Sona sees apple missing and ask Jai and Veeru if they ate it. They say no. Sona sees Mona passing by munching apple and yells that chudail ate her children’s apple. Girl hears from cupboard.

Gopi takes food for Jaggi. Jaggi says he is not hungry. Gopi insists to eat and says Urvashi has lost the sense to live, but they should encourage her to get ready. Once he finishes food, they will go to hospital and bring Urvashi home. Jaggi asks is it. She says patients get well soon with their dear ones’s help. They will get all the facilities available in hospital for Urvashi and get her ready soon. She feeds him food and he does same. She hears payal sound and asks who is it. She goes out to check. Girl hides behind wall. Jaggi says there is no one here, already she is tensed, why she wants to gget more tensed, let us go and finish food.

Girl thinks she cannot stay here and tries to walk out, but sees goons in front of main gate and walks back in and hides in kitchen.

While having food, Jaggi coughs. Gopi walks towards kitchen to bring water and jaggery for him. Girl peeps from window, gets afraid seeing goons outside, backs off and hits her hand on flour box by mistake. Flour falls down. Gopi hears sound and asks Urvashi if someone is in kitchen. Girl hides again. Gopi sees flour all over and thinks who has done it. Jaggi comes and asks why she is taking so much time. Gopi shows flour all around and says she does not know who done all this. Jaggi says it must be cat or Mona and takes her back. Girl gets back in and adds flour back in box, hears cow outside, fills food in plate and gets out via window to feed cow.

Mona walks in and thinks badi momji told flour fell in kitchen, but everything is clean here. Badi momji has become old womaniya. She walks back yelling.

Gaura reminisces Chanda’s confrontion and challenging that she will be queen of this house an Gaura will serve her. She thinks Chanda did a big mistake.

Girl walks out silently and hides behind pillar seeing Mona and Pari. Mona tears flower bouquet and says Samar sends him bouquet everyday, it is not done. Pari says women get happy seeing flowers, she had told Samar to send flowers. Mona says she prepared new face pack and gets her in to show. Girl comes out and picks wrappers from floor and then keeps bouquet in vase. Mona and Pari returns. Pari sits on sofa and Mona gets green tea for her. Girl thinks how will she go out now.

Precap: Gopi opens door hearing door bell. Goon enters as courier boy, asks for water, and searches for girl. Girl notices him and gets tensed.

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